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Hello, Paizo friends!

I’m new to the boards here, and I’m interested in running a PbP campaign. I’ve recently moved to an area with no gaming groups to be found (either they’re hiding or non-existent), and I’m not sure how I’ll go on without my Pathfinder fix. I've run games for several years now, and I'm eager to do so again.

So, I’m turning to you, faithful posters, to help tell a grand story of adventure, intrigue and, hopefully, triumph over the powers of evil.

Though I’m new to PbP, I’m familiar with its benefits and shortcomings - the latter of which is campaigns that die slow, drawn out deaths (or never make it past the first encounter). I’m eager to avoid that same fate, but I will need a committed group of players with ample free time.

Which is, of course, where you all come in.

I’d like to gauge the interest of players for:
1. A game with a GM that is a new poster to the boards.
2. Running a single module only. I LOVE the ideas of running a full AP, but I’m not quite confident enough in my PbP chops to undertake such a massive undertaking. And plus, if what I’ve read is true, a single module could take us the rest of this decade to finish (though hopefully not).
3. If you answer, “Yes, I am interested in both of the above,” then I’d be curious which of the following modules would be of interest to the posters here:
- Crypt of the Everflame. Let’s kick it old school.
- Feast or Ravenmoor.
- The Godsmouth Heresy. If this is the winner, I WOULD love to continue a campaign in Kaer Maga. That place is awesome.

I look forward to the answers and hopefully getting a gaming rolling (pun intended).


Hey. I've only been around a couple of months, but am interested in something more tweak able than PFS, and yes less intimidating than an AP. Easy module wise haven't played any of them.

Good luck w getting a game together!

Hi, GM Sound. Would you run for PFS credit? If so, I am interested in either Crypt of the Everflame or Godsmouth Heresy.

Thanks! :-)

Liberty's Edge

It is a good idea to try a module first, and from there do into an AP.
About it, it would be even better to game a couple modules / campaigns as a player first.
I would be interested in The Godsmouth Heresy.

I wouldn't mind playing Godsmouth Heresy or Crypt of the Everflame if it was for PFS credit.

I'm interested, but not for PFS. I generally stay away from the hardcore rules found in PFS such as core races. (For example, I have an awakened tiger concept I want to play, among others.)

I haven't played those modules, so any of them are fine by me.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd be into it, and I'm pretty sure my husband would be as well. We're still newbies ourselves, so playing with a newer GM sounds just peachy. :) I'd be fine with just about any module. If you decide to go forward, hit me up! I'll be looking for a recruitment post.

I really want to get back into PbP and have never done so on these boards/with this system. This is exactly the sort of game I'm looking for right now!

I'm familiar with Godsmouth (though I am pretty good at separating the meta if you want to run it), but not Crypt and always open to any character type that a party may need.


very interested.

Not interested but wish you lots of lucks, I'm cutting my chops on here with We Be Goblins and boy have my players made it interesting. thumbs up Good luck my friend.

Ah, a man after my own heart! I happen to be cutting my teeth GMing a (heavily modified) Feast of Ravenmoor game right here on these very boards, which will be running over into Carrion Hill once it ends. It's a fantastic module that lends itself very well to a group heavy on roleplay. I also happen to be playing in a Godsmouth Heresy game, which we seem to be nearly finished with, and I'm also planning on running Crypt of the Everflame and its sequels sometime soon (probably once one or more of my other PBP games ends). So, uh, I happen to be involved with all three!

I'd actually be perfectly happy to play in Crypt of the Everflame, but in the interest of full disclosure, I have read the module in my preparations to run it myself in the future.

That said, if there are any other modules you're interested in running, I'm definitely on board. I love modules, and I think they're criminally overlooked in favor of APs, especially on these boards; they're great adventures, and in the PBP format, they're actually quite lengthy.

Silver Crusade

I'm ok with both and was promised by my local PFS GM that he would run Gods Mouth heresy, i've already got a a character planned out and i would also like to continue a campaign in Kaer Marga

Would be interested in the Gods Mouth Heresy... with the possibility of continuing on with a Kaer Maga campaign.

Regardless I'm currently playing in a VERY long running (since 2011) Freeport piracy campaign that is a patchwork of old Dungeon modules, Freeport material and whatnot - and still having a blast.

Naps are great but knitting together a series of modules does give you far more freedom to explore material that you (and your players) are interested in building with...

A wise plan. I'd love all of those modules, though I think Everflame would be my top pick.

I got started on a Crypt of the Everflame a while back that went down, played a "cliff-notes" version of the game as my first PF game, wanted to do the full ever since. If you do CotE, I'd love to see it progress into Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death once over.

How comfortable are you with non-core races? (Being a new poster, not sure how much experience you have with GM'ing). Because, I confess, I have an infatuation with kobolds and love to them triumph when they get the chance to. (I'm pondering either a Kobold bloodline sorcerer or a knife master rogue as my next character).

Hey there, everyone - thanks for the interest and the encouragement! It seems there is at least enough interest to setup a recruitment thread.

I'm not wanting to do a PFS game, I don't think, as the restrictions are a bit severe for my liking.

As for which module to run, well, there seem to be nearly equal votes for Everflame and Godsmouth. I'm leaning towards Godsmouth, as I have illusions of the game lasting beyond the module.

One question for my experienced PBP'ers: Should I setup a recruitment thread or just use this one?

Thanks again!

Liberty's Edge

It would be better for us, in the thread, if you use this one. But if you want to get more prospective players, it is best if you create a new one, and put a link to it here.

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Like Corsario said, if you start a new thread, link please. :)

I'd be interested in playing, the module itself wouldn't matter so much to me, I just want to play.

I'd prefer that you kept to this thread, if only because I'm already following it! As others have said, if you do start a new thread, please link in this one. :D

By the way, if you're looking for a more traditional gaming experience but can't find a local group, I personally recommend roll20.net as a virtual platform. It is a useful tool for PbP as well for tracking combat, maps, etc.

I've always thought Kaer Maga is one of the cooler parts of Golarion.

The Godsmouth Heresy would be awesome.

good luck to you I was new Gm to this sight not to long ago and I have found the best part about PBP is players can and do get deep into role play. When I gm I like to do my own thing but can only keep the game going if the players show thought into their actions. With PBP they do and help make my GM juices grow ^_^

I would love to be part of this but I am planning to run a new game on here soon.

Hey everyone! Apologies for my brief absence - I should have checked in to let everyone know that I was reading through both modules again to determine which if like to run. The exercise proved successful, and I've chosen...

The Godsmouth Heresy!

I'll go ahead and create a recruitment thread and link to it here. Thanks for everyone's input and advice. I'll see you all in the other thread I hope!

Eager to hop in on this, practically checking back for official link every 30 mins :P Eager enough that I'll play darn near anything the eventual party requires.

Any idea how many total players you're looking for, GM Sound?

The recruitment thread is here!

@Dickie - May your refreshing be rewarded! I'm looking for 4-5, ideally.

Look forward to the applications!

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