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I thought it would be interesting to add Mythic abilities to the Hurricane King to add more challenge to the final encounter. I didn't see any threads on this, so I thought I'd start one. I'll add my thoughts later but feel free to chime in.

Here is what I came up with. It appears he is designed to be a ranged combatant with his pistol. I thought the Champion Path worked well for this given his fighter base and gave him the Distant Barrage Champion's Strike. Beyond that I thought any of the following feats would work well for a mythic feat: Combat Reflexes (infinite AoO), Deadly Aim (reduce penalty to hit and increase damage) and Improved Critical (x5 multiplier). For Path Abilities I think the best one to choose is Maximized Critical as it will allow for him to either get 32 (or 40 with Improved Critical) + whatever damage bonus exist from Deadly Aim, enchantment, etc.

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Be very careful with the Maximised Critical I believe Mythic Deadly aim will be getting him +15 damage , and he has a +3 pistol. So on a critical that is 104 or 130 damage which may one shot a pc. Of course crits from firearms are always terrifying (I lose more bards that way)

Be careful adding Mythic tiers to NPCs when your players don't have them. Mythic abilities are incredibly powerful.

Also, mythic combat reflexes probably isn't that useful since pistols don't threaten unless he has Snapshot.

You want to make him more powerful? Add a level of Thug Rogue and Dazzling Display. You can frighten everyone in 30ft of you.

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I wanted to keep the gun flavor, but make him more useful and more hurricane-oriented.

So I made him a spellslinger wizard. And, next I added some mythic stuff, almost exclusively defensive.

((I used Claxon's build for Harrigan, which made that better.))

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