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Simple question about the feat in the Bloodforge book. The feat says that, upon taking it, you gain a type/subtype from the list and you gain the benefits listed on the table below. It also states "Do not recalculate your base attack bonus, saving throws, skill points, or Hit Dice" and " Unlike other creatures with the Air subtype, a creature who gains the air subtype with this feat does not gain or improve a fly speed." That's the line that makes me have to you gain other benefits from the subtype? If you gained the Fire type/subtype, do you become immune to Fire but vulnerable to Cold? It doesn't give that as a bonus on the table, which is what the feat says you choose from. But if you only got what was on the table, why would the specifically call out that you don't get a Fly speed from the Air subtype? Wouldn't they just say "You only get the bonus from the table below as well as counting for that subtype. Do not recalculate bab, saves, skills, or hit dice, and you do not gain any other bonus of that type?"

You are experiencing some minor wording confusion, my friend.

Here's the feat

You'll note that it says "You gain the benefits associate from the chosen type or subtype [from the following table." What it means - or, at least, what I meant it to mean when I wrote it - is that you check the table and gain the benefits listed next to that type or subtype. For instance, if you select Cold, you gain Cold Resistance, then gain the Cold subtype at 7th level.

Other than the exceptions mentioned in the feat itself, if one of the benefits is gaining a new type or subtype you gain all the benefits and drawbacks thereof.

First, I didnt even realize that feat was on the pfsrd. Wow, that will make it easier than going through the pdf. Second, thanks for the response! There was a couple ideas I wanted to build, like an Ifrit Magus that didn't mind Fireballing itself and its enemies because it had the Fire type and was therefore immune to fire, but I wanted to make sure it worked that way. Good to know. Again, thanks! Always look forward to stuff from DSP.

Drakeblood and feyblood subtypes aren't there from what I can see.

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