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Just want to double check something here. Inquisitor's get Stalwart, which says "If she makes a Fortitude or Will saving throw against an attack that has a reduced effect on a successful save, she instead avoids the effect entirely." Some Witch Hexes offer a save to reduce the duration to one round, such as Evil Eye. Would an Inquisitor who makes the will save instead be unaffected? I know it's essentially Evasion for fort and will saves, but I wanted to double check that the decreased duration is indeed considered a reduced effect.

I ask because, at a certain point very soon in my campaign, the party will be attacking the headquarters of the world religion, and there will very likely be Inquisitors around. The Witch in the party is fond of (personal) pacifism. Meaning she likes to Evil Eye, Misfortune, and generally just lock down enemies. She herself never hurts them. Wanted to make sure I'd be ruling Stalwart versus her Evil Eye hex right.

Yes, inquisitors would be unaffected.

Liberty's Edge

TheTheos wrote:
Yes, inquisitors would be unaffected.


Inquisitors can shrug off some intense stuff (e.g. Cloudkill or Disintegrate).

...Oh gods I never even considered Disintegrate. That's some mental imagery for you. Either way, thank you both.

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