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So, i reported 45 games and have 5 games among them with a GM credit +2 mark.
One is telling me "Player has already run scenario at session # 2 of event # xxx."

How much GM credit am i supposed to have?
And what´s the meaning of that line? How does that matter on GM credit?

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The +2 are points allocated to your RP character because you ran a game. There are two forms of GM credit, points allocated to one of your characters because you GMed and table credit, which is just a count of the number of tables you have run. GM ranking is based on the later.

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Sorry expressed myself wrongly, didn´t mean the prestige points, meant "GM ranking: +2". That essentially counts as 2 scenarios?

And why am i getting this message "Player has already run scenario at session # 2 of event # xxx." as a GM?
I didn´t apply any of my characters to that, since it´s the second time i ran it, nor did any player play a second time.

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It means it doesn't count towards your GM table rankings (that's independent of applying GM credit towards your characters).

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Why wouldn´t it count towards my GM table ranking?
Was there a new rule i missed or something?
I ran that at two different occasions with different players, as far as i can see it should count.

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Sorry, I was off on the GM ranking (confused it with the bonus prestige points). The GM ranking +2 does, indeed, indicate that it counts as multiple running of the scenario.

The limitation on running the same scenario multiple times only counts towards credit applied towards a character, not GM ranking. The message shows up as an indicator, even if you are not attempting to apply credit to a character for that session. It's more a warning should a VC or VL try to edit the session and add character credit after the fact.

So looking at your account, I see you having run 45 sessions, 5 of which had the +2 GM ranking bonus. This should result in you having 50 tables of credit towards your GM ranking, which is what I'm seeing in your account.

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Ah cool, then everything is fine.
Either i didn´t report one or it was eaten up somehow, can´t tell which cuz it´s from january.
Will just report it again.

Also was confused why that message turned up suddenly, but actually it´s a good and helpful reminder!

Thanks for taking the time!

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