Trying to work out an idea for a Horizon Walker / Slayer with Dimensional Savant


Is it possible to make a Horizon Walker sneak attack build? the pieces look like they are all there but it doesnt come online until ridiculously late in the game (9th for dimension door) and then all of a sudden you need 4 feats to pull it off. Can the concept of a nightcrawler-esque teleport and stab character be better realized some other way?

I thought as far as Slayer 6/Horizon Walker 3 with massive retraining but i dont like it, nothing feels like an organic growth concept. I know how i want to RP and this wouldnt work. Can anyone point me in a better direction?

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My build is Ninja 6, HW 3, then more ninja. Dimensional Savant happens at level 13. I went Half Orc (always darkvision, floating +2), and dual wield waki's.

I was looking at Half Orc too, i use that race too much i think... This one, an inquisitor and a druid build in my head are all H-Orcs. I guess it can work as is if i find the right higher level game at some point down the road.

Did you ever look at team work feats for it? outflank and precise strike seem worth while since you are flanking with yourself.

Better then 3.5 where they would all be humans lols

Yeah, thats the other race i default to, same as pretty much everyone. But the more i look at builds these days, the more the Horc takes the lead. oh, that reminds me, i also have a Horc Alchemist and cavalier idea rattling around somewhere.

I been liking elf a lot, dex and intended based characters benefit a lot (Investigators/Inspiring blade/ext.)

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