My GM just threw money at us.. Help(please read all, im scared)(Serious)


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kestral287 wrote:
Oly wrote:

It isn't. I see the point there, about what GG posted. It was a personal attack on the OP, not on GG. Kestral's post was still out of line.

EDIT: I found and read one of the previous threads about the golem. This is all related, so Kestral bringing up what he did wasn't as out of the blue as it seemed. I still don't think it should have been said (why dredge it up in this thread, other than as if to say the OP has no right to post about this campaign at all?), but I'd called it an unrelated thread, and it wasn't really unrelated.

To answer the "why": because this thread was about "what do I do with this money".

Which is an answered question. We know what the OP did with that money, because the other thread tells us. Giving him more advice on what to do with that money is utterly useless, since it's been spent*, hence "late to the party". And yet this thread kept coming back, with more advice on how to spend money that no longer exists.

This is akin to me coming up to you and saying "Hey, I'm free Saturday, wanna hang out?" And we talk about how we should hang out. And then, next Monday, you tell me that we should go see Mad Max last Saturday. Mad Max is a pretty cool movie, but the window of opportunity has passed so it's an irrelevant and useless statement.

Was I snarky about it? Yeah, sure. I love the snark.

Did I insult the OP? Eh. Frankly I don't see it. I wasn't subtle or circumspect in my summary of events so I could see how an insult would be taken, but there was no direct insult. If the two threads weren't related, yeah, I'd see your point, but the other thread is a direct continuation to this one that even begins by linking this one.

*Exactly how much of it was spent is a bit of an open question because Animated Objects are weird, but the OP also loved to reiterate that he "had a plan" for the rest of the money after building the CR15 killbot so I'm rounding up to "most of it".

I have to admit, I overreacted to your post, largely because I didn't realize the relation between the threads (I hadn't read the others on the topic).

You'd have to admit, if the threads were totally unrelated and you had jumped in and said, "Hey, this OP is the guy we flamed for X, so why are we helping him?" that would have been essentially harassment; and I've seen that sort of thing happen on internet BBS's.

While I still think there was a personal element to your post (you hated how the OP had used money that allowed people to overpower their characters to overpower his character, and so you let go on him in this thread, which I don't agree with), it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought when I first jumped into the discussion, as you were also pointing out that it was pointless now to advise him on how to spend the money, as it's been spent-- which was legitimate.

Oh, certainly, if the threads were unconnected I'd be right behind you in tearing a strip out of me. And I don't blame you for reacting how you did in the absence of that knowledge.

And yeah-- I'm snarky and I can be a jerk, and I'm well aware of that. I generally do my best to keep it in check (at least the jerk part; I love my snark), but I'm no saint and I screw up. I shouldn't have made that post in the style that I did, though I stand by the underlying point of the window of opportunity being gone.

But I still have no earthly idea how Goth Guru took the post as an attack upon himself.

TBH, sometimes the discussions are no longer really about the OP and become more of an abstract question of what you/me/anyone would do with that money and people do find it useful to read such discussions. So in that sense, whether the OP has or has not spent the money is immaterial.

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