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The Mrs took the skalds rage last session (needing to heal and he had lesser celestial) and asked of she could move her flaming sphere with a move action still.

I had no real idea.

Any thoughts on this? I'd like to have an answer for her. Move a flaming sphere while under rage song or no?

As far as I can tell, raging song is not an actual rage. There's nothing there that prevents the skald from spell casting or from continuing a spell via concentration.

It should be perfectly legit.

Well she's a Sorcereress. So that's my issue. If she accepts his song can she do it? Because it's quite clear you can't cast while under its effects.

Nothing in the flaming sphere spell says that it requires concentration to move it. It just requires a move action. I'd say it's ok for her to move it.

If my memory serves correctly, this is different from previous versions of the game where moving a flaming sphere does require concentration.

Edit: she can't cast spells while under the effect, because casting does require concentration.

Some may argue that using a move action to do something else (like move a spell) is something that requires concentration, so expect table variation. For now, it's up to the GM of this game, and if it were at my table I'd allow it.

Oh good. I happen to be the GM of mine. Honestly there's not many that require the move action to move it around anyways. I'm good with just letting her do it.

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