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Hey there customer service genies!

So a while back I ordered "It came from the stars" by zombie sky press. Probably around the time I booked my Paizocon stuff. The shipment that it was supposed to come in arrived, but It Came From the Stars never showed up. I forgot all about it until today!

Looking at the order number in the subject line it looks like it's missing a shipping confirmation icon (if that's what the green C is.) I'm not sure if I screwed something up or what, but it's be cool if I could have it sent along with one of my upcoming shipments.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Robert,

The green C means it was going to your sidecart. It looks like it got stuck trying to get in though, so it never got grabbed by a subscription order. I have moved it into your June subscription order so it will be going out with that. You should be receiving an updated email confirmation.

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Diego you're my hero!

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