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I'm getting that itch to start a new game. I want to take a look at some of the APs that get less play on the forums or are relatively new, so recruitment threads are pretty competitive.

Some of the campaigns I'm looking at are Council of Thieves, Legacy of Fire, Serpent's Skull, Mummy's Mask, Iron Gods, and Giantslayer.

If you want to play in one of these games, let me know here! After a little while, I'll take the campaign that seems to be getting the most interest and set up a recruitment page.

Let me know what you want!

Legacy of Fire and Iron Gods are probably the two APs I am most interested in trying out, I've heard both could use some work from the GM. Started Legacy of Fire once, got about twenty posts in before the GM disappeared.

I have interest in Legacy of Fire, but could also be convinced to play in Mummy's Mask. I haven't seen a single recruitment for LoF in the time I've been on the boards (9 months).

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Huge, huge interest in Iron Gods. Huge interest!

Two for Iron Gods, two for Legacy of Fire, one for Mummy's Mask. Off to a good start for my interests!

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I would personally like to get into any of the 6 that you listed, mostly because I have not played any of them I know that's not really helpful. I would suggest running what you want to run. There is never any shortage of applications for the adventure paths, only a shortage of openings.

Mummy's mask and Iron Gods! Also, all the others too...

Iron Gods is right up there on my list!

I even have an android cleric ready to go... she'll need to be reworked for your chargen rules, but I can manage it.

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Legacy of Fire is my interest!
Had being in one before it kinda died off.
Serpent's Skull and Mummy's Mask could be interesting.

Personally been somewhat interested in Council of Thieves lately, but from what I've read both Legacy of Fire and Iron Gods seem like they'd be fun to play. Serpent's Skull doesn't really appeal to me, though.

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I would be very into Council of thieves. I have played most of the others.

Never played any except started Iron gods.
That one died before we got to far.

So willing to play any one of the ones that you put up. :)

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Legacy of Fire, please! I have several ideas for a Suli. I started the first book in a table top game years ago when it first came out, but had to drop due to a schedule change at work. If I recall correctly, we got as far as some building, I can't even remember what it was.

I'd play in any of them if you ran them, but I'd probably cast a vote for Mummy's Mask. =)

I'm in an Iron Gods and giantslayer. I like all the other ones but would really love to play Legacy of Fire!

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I woiuld be interested in Iron gods, Mummy's Mask, and Serpent's Skull. especially Iron Gods, I've wanted to Play that one for a while.

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Iron gods, and Mummy's mask spark my interest right off, though Legacy of Fire would be interesting as well

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Would LOVE to play in either Mummy's Mask or Serpent's Skull.

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I am down for Mummy's Mask or Legacy of Fire! I would prefer LoF!

I'm for one whould put my vote in Iron gods Second would be Giant slayer

But if were voting on a more "Classic" AP Iwould go for Serpent's Skull. So count me interested

I have seen Council of Thieves works quite good in PbP. I would be interested in that one, and also in Legacy of Fire.

I suggest you take a look on the AP recruitment sheet to see what most players are interested in: AP recruitment spreadsheet

Another vote for Mummy's Mask and Iron Gods.

I would be interested in any of those.

Legacy of Fire, Serpent's Skull, Council of Thieves, and Mummy's Mask

And I know it's not listed but I would love to play Second Darkness as well.

Would enjoy serpent's skull but Legacy of fire is awesome too.

I am very interested in Giantslayer and Iron Gods. I'd love to play in either.

I'd like to see Council of Thieves (I haven't seen a recruitment for that in a good while) and I like the idea of playing the rebel outfoxing the tyrannical rulers. Of course, I haven't seen Mummy's Mask in a while either, and that is fun, so I've been told.

I'd love to see Mummy's Mask, I don't think Osirion gets enough love. Legacy of Fire and Council of Thieves also have interesting premises that I'd like to get into.

I'm open for Legacy of Fire, Serpent's Skull, Mummy's Mask and Giantslayer.

I'm up for any of those except Giantslayer, with a particular interest in Iron Gods.

I will also chime in with big interest in Iron Gods.

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I'm interested in any of them. I really want to try going through an AP for once.

EDIT: Ah, I guess I will also add myself to the general list on the player recruitment sticky.

I have the hugest interest in doing Iron Gods, that AP is right up my ally. I'd also be down for Legacy of Fire, of course.

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I've done a quick tally of interested players and these are the results.

Mummy's Mask and Legacy of Fire = 14
Iron Gods = 13
Serpent's Skull = 8
Council of Thieves = 7
Giantslayer = 3

Mummy's Mask, Legacy of Fire, and Iron Gods have emerged as the real contenders for recruitment, which is convenient since those are the three paths I'd be most interested in running. I'll leave this up for one more day and then make my decision.

Let's add a vote for Mummy's Mask

Nice. All three of the most voted for adventure paths are ones I have a big interest in trying.

Admittedly, I'm only REALLY interested in Iron Gods... I suppose I could give Legacy of Fire a go as well.

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Same here, out of those listed only one I personally would apply for would be Iron Gods. I just finished running Mummy's Mask a couple months ago and don't have much interest in Legacy of Fire.

Of course that just might mean easier time picking the party for one of those.


Mummy's Mask never interested me, and I tried reading through Legacy of Fire but I found it too dry for my tastes.

No pun intended.

I'd personally also prefer Iron Gods over both Mummy's Mask and Legacy of Fire. It doesn't get a ton of love here on the forums, as a lot of people don't love the sci-fi element it brings to the game.

Dragoncat wrote:
Admittedly, I'm only REALLY interested in Iron Gods... I suppose I could give Legacy of Fire a go as well.

I know that not everybody counted is interested in each of the possible campaigns. Tomorrow night, I'll look at the votes, peruse the adventures, and make my decision. Any of the three seems like it will get a decent turn out. :)

Yep. I'm still itching to have a chance to dust off my android priestess and give her another chance... :)

Okay, I'll bite! Of the available options, probably my top three would be:

(1) Legacy of Fire
(2) Serpent's Skull
(3) Mummy's Mask

The others are either cool but not as cool as my top three (CoT, Giantslayer) or I'm already playing in (Iron Gods), hehe.

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The one I would like to play most out of those three is Mummy's Mask. I got a couple ideas for characters already rattling around in my head.

In order of interest, for me
1: Iron Gods
2: Mummy's Mask
3: Serpent's Skull
4: Giant Slayer
5: Legacy of Fire
6: Council of Thieves

But Iron Gods 100%. I love that He-Man/Thundarr the Barbarian kinda vibe.
Have two potential ideas for that one.

Legacy of Fire without a doubt! As a caveat, I have GM knowledge of all of these, but I have wanted to create a PC for Legacy of Fire for a while. If you are, quite understandably, hesitant to allow a vote from someone who has run all of the APs that you have listed at one point or another, I understand.

Legacy of Fire or Iron Gods I would definitely be in for. Mummy's Mask not so much, it seems like a nightmare for PbP.

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Dave Herman wrote:

But Iron Gods 100%. I love that He-Man/Thundarr the Barbarian kinda vibe.

Here's your He-Man.

The Pale King wrote:

Legacy of Fire or Iron Gods I would definitely be in for. Mummy's Mask not so much, it seems like a nightmare for PbP.

Why do you say that?

GM Olmek wrote:
The Pale King wrote:

Legacy of Fire or Iron Gods I would definitely be in for. Mummy's Mask not so much, it seems like a nightmare for PbP.

Why do you say that?

Not the original poster but I've been in a PBP of Mummy's Mask for a while and it's a lot of exploring tombs, traps, and lots and lots of combat. So far it has felt very dungeon-crawly, and combat notoriously takes a while in PBP.

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