Bulls Strength or Bears Endurance?


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My PFS oracle is reaching the point where I will want him to get a Belt of Physical Might. I want a DEX boost from the belt, but cannot decide whether I should also boost STR or CON.

Quenly is an elven Dark Tapestry oracle using the Many Forms revelation. Base physical stats are STR 14 DEX 18 CON 12 at level 5.

I have Bulls Strength as a spell known and tend to cast it often. I tend to fight in Troglodyte form.

I am not very comfortable with having such a low CON in mid and upper levels, given that I expect to be engaged in melee some of the time. Some available forms from Many Forms do give CON bonuses but aside from the Water Elemental form they are small bonuses.

On the other hand, I do not want to need to buff with Bulls Strength at the start of every combat and the spell duration isn't long enough to last multiple fights in most circumstances.

Ideally, of course, I would want a Belt of Physical Perfection. But I don't think that is affordable until Seeker levels. I am therefore choosing between
CON +2 / DEX +2 -> CON +4 / DEX +4, (with Bulls Strength as a spell known) or
STR +2 / DEX +2 -> STR +4 / DEX +4, (with Bears Endurance as a spell known) or
STR +2 / DEX +2 / CON +2


Both are great Chicago teams, so you can't really go wrong.

Unless you're a frontline melee type, I'd go with the CON bump.

I'd take Con on the belt, Str on your spell. If you valued Str that much, you'd be rocking higher than 14. It's also incredibly inconvenient when your extra hit points fall off.

If you find yourself meleeing almost every round, I guess I'd take the Str belt. Otherwise, I'd take the Con.

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I tend to be second string melee, unless the party is short in that department. At higher levels I expect to be spending more rounds casting, or using forms with special attacks beyond just bashing stuff.

Good point about hit points "falling off" Jaunt.

I think I'll stick with Con on the belt.

Thanks for your help!

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