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I am making a dwarf "Goliath Druid" for the giant slayer AP. I am planning on taking one level of(unchained) monk for RP reasons and for the wisdom to AC boost.

I was hoping to either be able to flurry with normal (non monk) weapons or to have my unarmed strike damage scale as a monk. I can't see any straight forward way of doing either without a lot of dipping.

Crusader flurry would work, but I would need channel ( I.e. A wasted level or taking the cleric VMC and lose a lot of feats) Or, I could get monastic legacy, after taking lots of monk levels.

Is there anything I missed?

If you can get up to level 4 in Monk you could use the Monastic Legacy feat, but I have the feeling that you're not fond of that approach.

Out of curiosity though... why not just use a Monk weapon?

Unchained monk is proficient with ALL monk weapons. That covers pretty much any kind of weapon you could ask for. What exactly is it you are looking for?

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You can take crusader's flurry as a druid if you take the Arctic, Aquatic, or Swamp domains. They all grant limited channel energy, that is enough to qualify for the feat.

Otherwise, a monk weapon is likely they way to go. Some of them are VERY nice, such as the Sansetsukon, 9 section whip, and Seven Branched Sword.

You can reflavor a monk weapon if you need. But like you said, it's not going to be easy to get the best of both worlds without investing in both worlds. Min-maxing a monk/druid isn't particularly efficient, since both classes want you to be just that class (not to mention alignment restrictions that mean you HAVE to be LN). I'm not sure if one extra attack and a little bit of AC is all that worth missing a spell level at the end of the day.

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I was hoping to be able to use the weapons in the AP. And I doubt many monk weapons will be used.

Also, I am not sure the Druid domains will work as the Goliath Druid archetype alters nature bond.

Don't sweat the weapons, the difference in damage is minuscule. You can flurry with, and are proficient with, the temple sword and 9 ring broadsword. If you are looking for 2-handers you have the 7 branch sword and sansetsukon. Your 1-handers are equivalent to a longsword and your 2-handers are equivalent to a bastard sword. The extra point of damage you get from a greatsword is not worth the effort unless you have serious RP reasons.

I am not sure why you necessarily need to go monk for AC. Goliath druids, unlike every other kind of druid, has absolutely no problems with armor whatsoever.

When you turn into a giant (a kind of humanoid), your equipment scales up with you. So you can use whatever armor and weapons you want.

So mostly, I do not see too much reason to dip monk. WIS to AC is nice, but without scaling on that AC boost, it will eventually get outclassed by normal armor. And while the unchained flurry is slightly better than regular flurry for multiclassing...it still feels rather 'meh' for the loss of spell levels, delay in wildshape (I would not even dream of multiclassing a goliath until after I get regeneration at level 12 myself) and a loss of BAB a lot of the time.

I would just use either the racial proficiency for battleaxe/warhammer (they hit like greatswords when large) or a scimitar (18-20, obviously) and be done with it. Combat reflexes too since giants have great reach.

I agree with lemeres. On any other druid monks Wis to AC is great. Goliath druids don't need it.
But that does not mean you should not make a kung fu storm giant.Take at least 4 levels of monk and monastic legacy as kestral287 said. Also get a Monks robe to raise unarmed damage higher. at level 14 when you get huge giants your unarmed damage should be equal to 4(monk)+5(half druid levels)+5 robe= 15th level monk. As a large giant that's 3d6 and as huge 4d6. Not bad. If you use armor, you cannot flurry so it might be a good idea take an archetype that drops flurry, like master of many styles.

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Another option is two levels of Ranger/Slayer instead of four of monk. Faithful Combat Irori gives Monastic Legacy without needing still mind.

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Worship the Green Faith with Crusader's Flurry and you can now flurry with basically every weapon you are proficient with. Be an Aasimar and ask your DM if it's cool for you to give up your 3rd level spell 1/day for a 1d6 positive energy channel 1/day(it's in variant Aasimar abilities on the random ability table from blood of angels I believe) I'm pretty sure they won't mind it as it is a straight downgrade, but good for your purpose.

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I decided to go unarmed strike and get bonus damage from touch attack spells with repeated touches.

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John Spalding wrote:
I decided to go unarmed strike and get bonus damage from touch attack spells with repeated touches.

Well it's not actually bonus damage on a touch attack, its just that unarmed strikes also activate touch attacks when they hit.

There is a pair of cheap gloves called Delisiquent Gloves, which I didn't spell right, that give 1d6 acid damage on any melee weapon attack or unarmed attack.

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