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I'm going to go into my local Hastings store and a smaller mom and pop type place (in Gillette WY) to see if I can't drum up some interest in trying to get a local chapter going. I'm interested in trying to do the whole Venture Captain thing, but I figure taking small steps first is the best way to go.

Any tips, tricks, or other advice is very welcome.

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I would work with the store owners, set up an advance schedule and be prepared to see things grow slowly. See if you can recruit a fellow GM to help in case you get more than seven players.

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That is exactly the approach I was going for. Good to know I'm on the right track. Spoke with the store manager at Hastings today, and she is all for it but wants to run it by her GM first.

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I would also suggest networking with various Venture Officers, who can give you good advice on starting up a new venue.

As an active PFS judge and player, I think that building a core group of GMs and players will help. These people can serve as resources for new players and show them the ropes.

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Just joining the Forums and saw this, I would be willing to do the society thing and play, I've not made a society character, and the one I did hear about at hastings was on a day I worked so I could not make it. But if you do happen to set up another one, please send me an invite, and I bet I would be able to get 2+ people to show up if its a day off for us, we all work the same shift at Black Thunder.

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