New to PathFinder and RPing in General. (Looking for skype Players to learn)


So i recently played pathfinder with a friend and it turned out to be pretty fun, to just live in a imaginary world and live it out your way gets my creative juices flowing. Now I would like to get more in depth into the game but i suppose i need a teacher. I do have to core rule book it just might as well be in ancient Greek in it complexity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and welcome.

Sorry, I don't play on Skype, but just wanted to chime in to say:
Don't let the Core Rulebook intimidate you. The best way to learn is to play, so it sounds like you're on the right track.
Good luck finding people.

I recommend the Strategy Guide (although I haven't finished reading it yet.) It guides you through creating a character from the core classes and refers you to the appropriate page in the Core Rulebook. After that, it has a guide to playing the game (that's the bit I haven't got to yet.)

Thanks guys, but as you said playing is the best way to learn is to get right into it, i just have nobody to play with let alone DM. If anyone knows any skype groups out there that'll let someone spectate it would be much appreciated.

Create an account on Then, click on the "Looking for Group" link, and find a group. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of Pathfinder games currently looking for players - most of them are open to new/inexperienced people as well.

You may need to apply to a few different campaigns before you get into one. That's how I first started, and I've been gaming with mostly the same group for about a year and a half now, while also testing out a couple of different game systems along the way (D&D 3.5, D&D 4th Edition, 13th Age, etc... ).

If you get into a group, and you discover it inst quite what you are looking for (even within Pathfinder, there are many different styles of GM's and different styles of game play, it might take a few tries before you discover what it is you most enjoy) - its no big deal to leave and try again. Just make sure you let the DM and players know you are leaving. I am constantly baffled by those players that will just stop answering the Skype call, and also wont respond to any direct messages from group members... its really bizarre behavior... but i digress.

good luck! post here if you have any other questions about the process.

Thank you Odd thats very helpful im going to do it later today. I cant wait.

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