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So I read this rather disturbing rumor* that the Revisited series of books has been a poor seller, and that, as a result of this, a Devils Revisited book is unlikely to happen.

This is a sad development for me as I found Demons Revisited to be an extremely useful book. The half-demon templates in particular were a massive hit for me.

With Hell's Vengeance looming on the horizon, I was kinda hoping for, if not expecting, Devils Revisited to happen. If that doesn't happen, and if this is not too late with regard to Hell's Vengeance backmatter, I'd *really* like to see half-devil templates handled in the Hell's Vengeance backmatter, either in one of the bestiaries or as an article on the infernal half-breeds.

I realize that this request might be too late for practical reasons, and I respect any lac of interest in making it happen, but I would be a poor fanboy if I didn't at least try. :)

*I consider this a rumor as I've not seen any official statement regarding the Revisited line.

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