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Spiritual ally wrote:
The ally takes the form of a servant of your god. The spiritual ally carries a single weapon, one favored by your deity (as for spiritual weapon), which has the same threat range and critical modifiers as a real weapon of its form.

Suppose the god in question is Yog-Sothoth, what would the ally manifest as?

A tentacle monstrosity, a spawn of Yog-Sothoth, would it even wield a dagger?

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Per the effects of the spell, I would assume it looks like a large tentacle grasping a dagger. Yes it would wield the dagger, as that is the favored weapon.

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That image is somehow pure comedy.

"AHHH! A tentacled monstrosity! And it's got- wait, is that a dagger?"

*poke poke poke poke*

"Color me less than impressed."

It's not like i have a choice that 'thing' is the origin of my power.
For such a omnipotent being he has the puniest of favored weapons.

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That "dagger" does the same damage as a longsword, though. I'd be fine if you skinned it as a REALLY big dagger.

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In a situation like this I'd just fluff it off and give it dagger-like talons at the end of it's tentacles.

If anything ever called for a Crocodile Dundee moment, this would be it.

Maybe a cloaked cultist armed with said dagger, but occasionally the cloak will shift and it's inhuman appearance/physiology is revealed.

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I think adding a bit of fluff is exactly what you need to do here, and maybe ask the DM to offer a few additional affects or messing with the spell a little?

I think the 'spiritual ally' of Azathoth could be some sort of horrific nightmare flautist to be on point: A formless, black monstrosity cradling a warped looking flute or an alien drum. While it's certainly not the spell as intended, a good variant might forgo the damaging nature of the spell and instead act like a bardic affect that gives negative modifiers, a confuse effect or a boost to your character, or act like Cacaphonous Call, Distracting Cacaphony or Sound Burst (for example) with a limited range or concentration effect.

Back to the question at hand, I'd use a disembodied Slam attack, something like a writhing tendril, groping paw or vicious end, to use Lovecraft's terms. I've always hated the 'divine weapon' as presented for the Lovecraftian gods in all of their incarnations. Seemed like a grandfathered thing from older versions of the game. I'd personally use natural attack types for the Outer Gods besides Nyarlathotep, whose form might dictate more human weaponry.

Here's a few suggestions for servant forms and their weapons:

Servitor of the Outer Gods/Daemon Flautist - an amorphous, floating horror that seems to shift between stable shapes, sometimes resembling a frog, sometimes a squid, sometimes a mishmash of various obscenities. It carries a twisted flute that it pipes on mindlessly, and sometimes slaps enemies with a pseudo-pod or tendril.
Weapon: Pseudopod, 10 ft. reach, 20/x2

Hooded Figure - A hooded being that only vaguely resembles a humanoid, whose hood hides unspeakable features. The creature more or less floats about, as if no feet or limbs exist beneath the black robes. It strikes out with what appears to be a dagger, but on closer inspection resembles a sharp, curved barb of bone or chitin.
Weapon: Barbed Talon, 19-20/x2

Spawn of the Black Goat - This oily black beast has a dozen or more bent, flailing limbs that resemble the legs and hooves of some sort of goat or bovine creature, with no discernible front or back, or head. The hub where the legs attach seem to be comprised of a furry node that hides a number of gnashing, toothy mouths.
Weapon: Hoof, 19-20/x2.

Nyarlathotep, Human Form:
Faceless Priest - This jet black, naked and genderless humanoid wears priestly adornments of no sane god and holds an iridescent, rainbow-hued metal staff topped with a cracked ankh.
Weapon: Quarterstaff: double weapon, 20/x2

Nyarlathotep, Haunter of the Dark:
Hunting Horror - a tenebrous, serpentine beast of coiling darkness that coils about in the air. It has a single, flailing bat-like wing, a lashing tail and a faintly draconic head. It has a single, three-lobed burning red eye in the center of what passes for a head.
Weapon: Bite, 19-20/x2 (like a sawtooth sabre)

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