Milwaukee Summer Revel 19, July 10-12, 2015

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Hello CIC Con Attendees!

Milwaukee Summer Revel (MSR) 19 is coming to the Olympia Resort: Hotel, Spa and Conference Center in Oconomowoc, WI this July 10-12. We are offering D&D Adventurers League (5e) adventures, Pathfinder Society, Pathfinder CORE, Shadowrun Missions and Call of Cthulhu adventures, but are looking to add more to the schedule, so check back for updates. If you have any requests for adventures, don't hesitate to ask. Come for some of the premier organized play gaming in Wisconsin.

MSR Pre-reg is open! Get your events here:

You can find out more about the venue here: There will be a discounted room rate for con attendees. We are also looking to host the “Eat While You Play” Saturday breakfast and have vendors and full concessions onsite! We will have the Adventurer's League Trading Post onsite!

Like us on Facebook: ... 4824150007

Greg Marks
Cold Iron Conventions


We've added a board game track and will be hosting Fai Chen’s Fantastical Fair (the trading post/market place for DnDAL).

There's still time to pre-reg!


In addition to running 6-09 through 6-23, we have a CORE track that includes the Before the Dawn and Shades of Ice series, along with Fangwood Keep! Can you survive this epic adventure with only the core rules!


One more day to pre-reg, don't miss out!

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