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I'm in the middle of building a Skald, and I'm confused on a prereq for Greater Skald's Vigor.

Does the prereq need to be Perform(Song)10, or can it be 10 ranks in any audible perform skill?

The reason I'm asking is because my character is inspired by Jack Churchill. Click on his name to learn more about him.

is this for PFS or a home game?

if PFS must be song

if home game talk to your DM about allowing some leniency to fit the character concept as long as you have 10 ranks in a perform auditory skill

By RAW, no, you need Perform(song).

By RAI, certainly, any audible performance skill should work.

SRD, Skald, Class description wrote:
Skalds are poets, historians, and keepers of lore who use their gifts for oration and song to inspire allies into a frenzied rage.
SRD, Skald, Class skills wrote:
Perform (oratory, percussion, sing, string, wind)

And most relevant:

SRD, Skald, Rage Song wrote:
A skald is trained to use music, oration, and similar performances to inspire his allies to feats of strength and ferocity

All of this says that singing is only one way to use the Rage Song ability. Greater Skald's Vigor builds off of Skald's Vigor which builds off of Rage Song which can use song or other listed performance types. So the feats should work that way too.

But that's RAI, not RAW, so check with your GM.

It's definitely a home game. I don't want to build a character that'll end up being banned because of a change in rules.

That aside, can the Skald even benefit from his own rage song? RAW I've only seen "Allies", nothing referring to the Skald itself.

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