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Another idea from reading Umbrals thread, let's assign the various pathfinder classes Music Genres, or songs or such. Heck, maybe even the archetypes.

I can think of a few.

Hell Knight/Antipaladin: Heavy metal
Gunslinger: Country
Swashbuckler/Bard: Cinema style dramatic soundtrack
Inquisitor: Any Castlevania song ever
Fighter/Paladin: Medieval style stuff
Barbarian/Druid: Tribal
Cleric: Hymns

I like Barbarians being "Let the Bodies hit the floor" by Drowning Pool. With their rage powers, I tend to think of them as fast paced metal. System of a Down and such. Something you could mosh to.

For Paladins, I'd think more marching style classical. Think John Phillips Sousa or 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. I think of them as spirited and martial.

Avenged Sevenfold=Antipaladin/A cannibal

Druid - Celtic
Barbarian - Viking/Nordic Metal
Bard - Medieval Faire music
Paladin - Power Metal/Religious Hard Rock (esp with a consistent beat)
Fighter - Military march
Ranger - Celtic/Old World folk
Wizard - Classical
Monk - Monastic Chant
Cleric - Choral music

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Brawler: Eye of the Tiger

Wizard: Stoner Rock
Oracle: Gothic Dance (New order/ depeche mode)

Core Classes
Barbarian: Any Thrash Metal
Bard: This
Good Cleric: Church hymens
Neutral Cleric: This
Evil Cleric: Death Metal. Definitely Death Metal.
Druid: This
Monk: Monastic Chants
Paladin: This. Most definitely this.
Paladin (When Fighting Evil): This
Ranger: This
Rogue: As it relates to the specific game at the very least.
Sorcerer (just replace music reference to magic): This (Explicit)
Wizard: This

Silver Crusade

This song will always be the theme of the paladin for me

Dave Justus wrote:


Brawler: Eye of the Tiger

Just that makes me want to play a Brawler.

Bard: Juke Box Hero?

Rogue - Anything off the soundtrack to The Warriors

Oriental music works quite well for oracles imo, especially the more chillout-oriented tracks. Wizards are quite hard to pin down as the different schools have different themes, but I tend to see them as somewhat... jazzy.

I would go with traditional heavy metal for fighters and some of their subtypes. I am tempted to go with blues for rogues and investigators, especially the urban ones.

Surprised no one has mentioned Skald as being something akin to heavy or death metal.
Hell one of my players made his Skald, basically a punk metalhead girl as soon as they saw the class.

Wendy Rule has several songs that just SCREAM Witch (Hecate being the one that most comes to mind).

Ceridwen and Taliesin by Dahm the Bard is also a fairly Witchy song (though I guess works for bards too... ugh!)

Green and Grey (By Dahm the Bard) is like a Druid anthem!

A first selection...

Wizard: The Wizards from Kansas: She rides with Witches
Alchemist: White Denim: Drug/Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze
Barbarian: Queens of the Stone Age: Go with the Flow
Bard (male): Frank Ocean: Songs for Women
Commoner (young husband/wife of hero): Delta Spirit: House Built For Two
Witch: Fleetwood Mac: Black Magic Woman
Druid: Mother Earth: People Tree: Jesse
Rogue: Rolling Stones: Street Fighting Man - Thievery Corporation: The Richest Man in Babylon (Album)
Hellknight: Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil
Ranger: Mother Earth: Mister Freedom (of Movement)

edit: I actually own the Vinyl "Wizards from Kansas", bought at a flea market in Florence ca. 1995, a DJ Pressing or so it says(!)

Witch: Alternative
Wizard: Synth
Sorceror: Trap
Bard: Orchestral
Paladin: Brass and Drums
Fighter: Rock
Barbarian: Metal
Anti-Paladin: Death Metal
Druid/Ranger: Jazz
Cleric: Gospel
Rogue: Punk Rock
Monk: Triangle
Summoner: F*&# you
Alchemist: Mash-Up
Gunslinger: Country
Brawler: Rap

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