Can Shaman be built to wade into combat?


So Shaman, combines Witch and Oracle. One hardly ever considers melee combat, the other is very often a melee combatant. But can the Shaman hold its own in combat? At first glance while its d8 hit die and 3/4ths BAB have potential I am just not seeing much melee support in the spirits.

Between the spell list, the FCB and the spirit it looks like it is about as well off as a cleric (many of which just get the travel domain and something else not melee orientated anyway).

So that would be a definite yes.

Battle has some options including eventually getting weapon specialization, bane weapons and flat bonuses to hit and damage for some rounds per day.

Flame offers some options, too by giving increased mobility (speed increase, nimble moves) in addition to allowing to see through fog and smoke which can be useful when combined with spells generating smoke. And eventually all weapons the shaman wields get the flame property.

Mammoth gives the ability to daze opponents with your fists and eventually increases your strength. In addition it has an option to give an opponent penalties on CMD which he can then exploit by using a combat maneuver. And he can buff his AC by increasing his natural armor.

I'm not going through all the spirits now but there is potential in some of them.

I've been meaning to try out a Hex Strike build work since I first saw it in Ultimate Combat a few years ago. Other than Hexcrafter Magus, I haven't really seen any builds that could make much use of it.

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Shapeshifting Hex/Alter Self ---> Sewer Troll or Troglodyte + Vine Strike = Rawr!!!

I'm a big fan of Alter Self for combat builds. Unlike the Druid's Wildshape, you get to keep all your armour and gear, and you can speak/cast spells without needing additional feats.

I Think you Can do well with a reach built. But if you manage to get some natural attacks a frostbite build is also a good option. A ratofficer with 3 natural attacks and frost bite seem ok but that Will take a few levels to get Rolling.

The only problem is no divine favor, so you need a way to get that IMO.

CWheezy wrote:
The only problem is no divine favor, so you need a way to get that IMO.

Fcb gets all the cleric miising spells

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A Heavens Flame build has some potential depending on spells.
For one color spray lets you stun initially and some creative application of Hexes and Hex Vulnerability means you can keep a target down.
A personal favorite of mine is Misfortune then HV for another few rounds if the target is still standing after that.

With hex strike and slumber hex you Can go around and knock folks out. A monk or brawler dip Can give the ius feat.

The Shaman can get some effectiveness out of the Blessed Hammer feat. They have a better list of touch spells than the Cleric list does.

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