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So I had the pathfinder combat pad on backorder in my sidecart. I also had the condition cards in my sidecart

I then subscribed to the Campaign setting subscription, which I expected to send immediatly. Instead the Andoran book went into my sidecart.

I noticed today there was link in my account page to ship sidecart items immediatly. I clicked this and because the combat pad was on backorder it said it wouldn't ship.

So I went back to the basket and removed the combat pad. Then when I went on again it said the items would go into my sidecart rather than ship immediatly which was confusing so I cancelled out of the order and deleted the items from my basket.

Now when I go into my subscriptions its missing the andoran book altogether.

I'm sure I probably did something stupid here, but would it possible to fix it so my andoran campaign setting book from subscription ships now along with the condition cards.

I won't bother putting the combat pad on backorder again as it seems to cause problems, this is my second issue with it unfortunately, I'll just wait until its available to reorder

Thanks for your help Sorry for being such a noob user ;-)

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Hi Gnomatsu,

Sorry for any confusion with this! The ship as soon as possible button has been misbehaving some (the tech team needs to take a look at what the goblins are up to there).

Out of curiosity (to help figure out the goblins), when you where going through the check out process to set them to ship sooner, did you click on the "Step 2 - Shipping" button to go in and view/change the shipping options?

I have re-spawned the Andoran book for your subscription. It and the condition cards are now in an order that can ship as soon as possible. You should get an order confirmation email for those.

If you have any more questions or concerns, do let us know.


Nope I didn't alter the shipping options, I must have missed that, sorry for the confusion, I'll look out for that on future orders.

Thanks for putting the order through, I got the confirmation email.

Thanks again

Customer Service Representative

You're welcome! Glad to help. :)

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