Buffing the Treesinger Archetype!

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I posted this to reddit's Pathfinder_RPG subreddit, but it hasn't garned much attention, so let me know what you guys think!

"Hey guys! so after reading through the Treesinger Archetype, I was enchanted at the interesting idea, my mind swirling with the possibility of playing as a treant from early levels.
This was only to find out that it's not that good. Only one viable companion, really, and the wildshape is one of the worst in all the archetypes. But it got me thinking on a way to make it a more viable option, and I have a few home-rule ideas that I'd like some help deciding.

  • The Treant companion should have AC bonus at least equal to Ankylosaurus, it's made of wood for Christ's sake. Starts at AC +9 Natural Armor Bonus and gets an additional +2 at 4th level. It would be otherwise identical to its RAW version.
  • The Druid's wild shape should start off with the constrict and poison abilities, and mostly advances with sizes. 6th level they can go Tiny or Large, 8th they can go Huge or Dimunutive, 10th level still functions as Plant Shape III but then they can become a Gargantuan plant, and at 14th they gain all special abilities of any plant they take the shape of. This should make them worthwhile considering they cannot even take elemental forms with their wild shape.
  • In case the above wild shape is considered too powerful, we could leave it as it is, but merely allow them to adopt the elemental forms as according to the original wild shape, as the normal plant forms are interesting, but the only powerful ones are better.

What do you guys think? Personally, I think giving them bigger forms than a common druid on the Plant spectrum is a fair trade for no animals and elementals but maybe I'm being misguided. Would this make them too strong? Should the Treant not be so tough? Should they even change and I overlooked some great ability/options they have?"

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