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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Ah. Well if you got other sources...then yes I believe you.

Of course, they could still do something different with the "mystical connection", she doesn't have to be a superhero in this version. We'll see.

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Okay, that was a big whoa with what happened to Miss Teschmacher. Is she completely subsumed by Hope or is she still in there? I guess they are going hard on Lena's vengeful nature.

Decent episode. Really liked Alex's part. Worried J'onn is going to be sidelined for more vision quest b%*@@~~%. They either need to use him or if they can't afford it, let him go. I don't want him to go, but I got tired of him sitting in meditation all day last season.

Kara should just leave CatCo. They make bank on having a Pulitzer winning writer, it's their loss if she goes. (plus I have never been impressed with how they write about journalism-based stories... Kara was wanting to write her own biased unresearched schlock a couple seasons ago, now she's the champion of ethics?). Yes, yes, Kara being plucky and stubborn blah blah blah. I hope she invested her $15,000 prize money wisely.

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@DeathQuaker, I agree with you that Alex did a great part. I also agree that they are wasting great asset in J'onn. The writers keep forgetting he is a near Batman level detective with Superman like powers. He is one of my favorite Justice League but they need to use him more.

I agree that Kara should just leave Catco. The transition from writing unresearched biased pieces to demanding journalistic integrity is a pretty normal growth pattern for real world journalists. So I am not having a problem with her growth. Bottom line on Kara staying at Catco is no Krytonian needs a job. She could easily just live with the DEO or take over their old facility in the desert or even take over an abandoned island somewhere. If both she and Superman need the identity for social contact, then there are not too many jobs she would not excel at.

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When I was briefly a journalist, I pushed for integrity from the get go. Of course I had to work to remove bias from my writing but I was well aware of that. My teachers and editors taught me well. (I am not saying I was a good reporter, just that was an issue I was aware of and pushed for from the beginning.) Maybe it's different now with so many people getting bad examples from the Internet.

Catco worked best when Cat Grant was around. It feels like it has served its purpose and then some. Kara's big concern was "needing a life" outside of superheroing. Given she has a solid network of friends she really has that regardless of work. As you say, she could do anything. Including hire a lawyer to get her out of her contract.

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It shouldn't even be hard to get out of said contract, because an extension that is not signed by both parties can't be binding

Well regardless of whether or not she leaves, I do think we're going to find out more about her boss as the season moves on.

But that move by Lena...DAMN that was cold.

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