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My name is Nick and I'm part of a podcasting group called No-Town Nerds. I'm new to this forum and Pathfinder in general, but I wanted to share a series we've worked incredibly hard on:

No-Town Nerds Pathfinder RPG Special - Episode 1: The Mists of Mwangi

About a year ago, our nerdy podcast group decided to finally play a tabletop RPG. We met a great GM and he introduced us to the world of Pathfinder. We have never played before, had way too many questions, and made many mistakes. But it was incredibly fun and we made a very long series about it. I know for a fact that we did terribly, and our GM was very forgiving.

Normally a podcasting trio, one of us produced and organized the shoot. Another one of us drew out our characters, NPC's and enemies. I colored, animated, and edited the final product.

It's 3 episodes long and this is our first episode. We'll release each consecutive episode every week.

If you can do us a favor and watch/spread the word, that would be amazing! We're trying to get this more attention so we can continue and make more episodes like this (and play more, of course). I hope this was the correct place to post this in...I didn't want to double post in different forums and be a spammer.

Thanks and sorry for the self-promotion! You can find all of our info at

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