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How would you handle the ABP and an AoMF? The easiest solution I can think of is to allow the AoMF as one of your attuned weapons. For the monk, it will probably be the solo track, while a druid would have to use the split track to include Wildshape and Non-WS.

Does this make ABP overpowered for unarmed and natural weapons? There was always a reason that the AoMF was so expensive, and that reason presumably was game balance. ABP throws that out the window.


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Pardon my ignorance.


Automatic Bonus Progression.

AoMF costs so much because of creatures with tonnes of natural attacks, not because of monks. Easiest solution is to let you attune your unarmed strike with monks, using the ability that says they count as a manufactured weapon for the purposes of enhancing it.

IMO, you should allow the AoMF to work as one of the attuned weapon(s). As far as I understand it, Magic Fang, Magic Weapon, and their greater versions still work normally under that system as well, as do the various weapon boosters like that of a paladin's divine weapon bond.

Doesn't the monks unarmed strikes already count as manufactured weapons for the purpose of determining enhancement bonuses? So wouldn't the weapon attunement just automatically apply to them, therefore removing the need for AoMF?

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