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So, in the Unchained release the skill group mechanic allows you to basically have half ranks into a bunch of skills, then you get a number of specialties based on your level and your INT, which let you get the other half.

I wanna know how this interacts with the human ability, and the ability to choose a favored class bonus. Does it negate those abilities?

I personally ruled that humans get one more specialty, and that you have to take the HP every level, but this doesn't seem right to me.

Was this an oversight or am I missing something?

Anything? Guys?

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I was going to post a thread asking this very question...

How are people treating Favored Class and Human bonus skill per level with the Unchained Grouped Skills?

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Not sure if anyone is still reading this but:

Number wise, the 1 skill rank per level awarded to humans is equivalent to giving them from the start 1 specialised skill inside a trained group. Indeed, at each level, this skill's bonus will grow by 1, as if a rank had been put in it.

For the favored class rank, I think you need to chose: either always the HP, or always the skill rank (in which case you can do the same as for the human bonus: at the start, give one specialisation within a trained group).

Thanks, Castux. I was wondering about this very issue, now that I'm considering a different skill system for my next campaign, and that insight really helps.

Kinda glaring oversight by the designers, really.

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