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Hey Guys,

I'm a Lvl 5 Lore Oracle in the Shattered Star Campaign. I have a question about the Bonus Oracle spell.

It says that I can pick a sorcerer spell one Spelllvl lower than my own spelllvl. Now, Do I have to choose it and stay with it for the rest of the campaign (or my untimely death) or can I bring a spellbook and copy some spells or something else entirely?

I'm also GM'ing Carrion Crown atm, and got a question about that, but that's a whole other topic ;)

Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium!

You talk about arcane archivist yes? I think it is every casting that erase a Spell and you get only that casting. And must have another written Spell to use the ability every time you use it.
I May be Reading it wrong but i think it is a Crappy revalation.

First off, the Arcane Archivist requires level 11 before you can take it. You shouldn't be able to get that revelation until then. Personally, I think it is a strong revelation, being a very versatile ability.

With the Arcane Archivist, you carry around a spellbook (and there's no reason you can't copy additional spells into it like a wizard) for the purposes of casting a single spell per day off of the Sorcerer/Wizard list that is in the spellbook. When the spell is cast, it is removed from the book (which it says the spell is erased, so clearing the pages for re-copying the spell or another spell). You do not need to study the spell in advance or declare it at the beginning of the day.

The only other instance of Bonus Spells for the Lore Oracle that I see are the spell known you get at even numbered levels, which are picked for you.

Arcane Archivist is only available at L11 on an Oracle with the Lore mystery.

Are you, by any chance, playing an Oracle with the Ancient Lorekeeper archetype? In which case, you are entirely correct, you pick the spells, and they stay with you for the rest of the campaign. On the bright side, you do not need access to these spells in order to put them on your list, so feel free to choose the most farfetched additions you can imagine if you so desire!

UncleDuck, which is it? Are you asking about the revelation Arcane Archivist or the Ancient Lorekeeper archetype?

Personally, I think the Lore revelations are pretty nice, including Arcane Archivist. It's not as flashy as some other revelations in other mysteries, but it's an extra spell of your choosing out of a spell list that you don't normally have access to.

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I'm at Lvl 5 atm, so archivist isn't possible. It just says Bonus Oracle Spell, and it says I can choose a sorc. spell. I'm at work atm, gonna check my sheet tonight ;)

But as far as I remember from the descriptions, it's the Ancient lorekeeper

Ancient Lorekeeper wrote:
Elven Arcana (Ex): At 2nd level, an ancient lorekeeper’s mastery of elven legends and philosophy has allowed her to master one spell used by elven wizards. She selects one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least one level lower than the highest-level oracle spell she can cast. The ancient lorekeeper gains this as a bonus spell known. The spell is treated as one level higher than its true level for all purposes. The ancient lorekeeper may choose an additional spell at 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th levels.

Seems like we've got a match.

Okay. Then you have a bonus spell known from the Ancient Lorekeeper. Elven Arcana is the ability, and it allows you to select one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list at second level but it has to be lower than the highest level spell you know, and casts as a level higher than the Wizard version. So at level 2, you get a 0-level wizard spell known that casts as a 1st level Oracle spell. This pattern continues every even level until 18. This all replaces the bonus spells you'd gain from your Bonus Spells known from the Lore Mystery.

So as follows...

Character Level/Wizard Spell Level/Becomes Oracle Spell Level


So at 18th level, you get an 8th level wizard spell known to you as a 9th level Oracle spell. This 8th level wizard spell would replace Time Stop, the 9th level Lore Oracle bonus spell.

Make sense now? And once it is picked, it is picked. I suppose it may be possible to retrain based on the Ultimate Campaign, I'd have to look that up.

I would say you can retrain the class bonus spells later, but would say they still have to take the bonus spell slot as if it were from the above chart. This because it talks about retraining to replace spells that are capable of going in the same "slot". It's a little gray, but I'd say that this is all meant to be just like any of the Bonus Spells from any mystery; slotted to specific levels.

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Okay, now I get it!

Thanks a lot you guys! Now let's see which one to choose.... :D

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