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This is a bundled sale of 2 accounts. The first account is 1/2 of a Crowdforger Buddy Kickstarter Pledge. It contains 2 Destiny's Twin Characters with full XP. Character #1 has no points spent and roughly 300,000 XP for the buyer to spend as he/she chooses. Character #2 has spent roughly 90,500 XP (Fighter/Rogue Longbow) with roughly 209,000 FREE XP left to spend. This character also has a number of feats complete for faster leveling if you should choose and a bank with spells, recipies and resources (all will come with the account).

Reward Quantity
Buddy Early Enrollment 1
New Player Pack 0
Destinys Twin 0
Daily Deals 1
Early Enrollment 1
Alliance Pack 1
Soundtrack Download 1
1 Month game time 0
Adventurer Reward Tier 2
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1

Now as you will see it shows Adventurer Reward Tier 2. One of those accounts sold last week. The second one will be sold as part of this bundle. So that means you will have ANOTHER Destiny's twin account to use yourself or give to a friend.

So to summarize, this auction is for 2 bundled accounts both are Destiny's Twin accounts. one account has backdated XP, and the other is fresh waiting for you to create/name as you wish. That is a total of 4 character slots.

Given the unique nature of this sale, I am asking for a MINIMUM of $300 starting bid. Only increments of $10 or greater will be accepted (sorry the last one was going up $1-$2 a time and was too confusing). Bidding will be via PM on these forums (or publicly posted in this thread if you prefer). I will update as bids are received. This auction will run until 12 Noon EASTERN on Saturday 5/9.

Sale will be completed via paypal. Buyout offers will be considered and if accepted will immediately end the auction.

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Current bid is $300

Goblin Squad Member

Someone has bought out the auction.

Pending payment

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Sold and transferred.

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Locking. Please reference this sticky thread.

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