New player, help with Diplomacy


First post, and Im not even sure im in the correct place, but I seem to recall reading somewhere (spell, feat, trait, etc...) that there was something that gave a bonus to Diplomacy if you used a move action. Since then I have been unable to relocate the source of the bonus. If anyone has information to point me in the right direction I would be grateful

Silver Crusade

SRD wrote:
Diplomacy is generally ineffective in combat and against creatures that intend to harm you or your allies in the immediate future.

Diplomacy isn't really tied to combat initiative.

I do not know what you speak of, it could be 3PP material. However, even if you want to focus on Diplomacy, spending an extra move action in combat isn't worth it.
Plenty of other bonuses though, granted by feats/traits/spells/magic items that doesn't eat up actions while providing constant bonuses.

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