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So I've been asking around a ton about the Whirlwind universal monster ability, to prepare for when I finally get to prestige in Storm Kindler from the Inner Sea Gods book, and I think I've got it down except for one question:

"A creature in whirlwind form cannot make its normal attacks and does not threaten the area around it."

Am I still able to cast spells and do other actions, just not my attacks? I'm rolling a Cleric3/Monk3 and I basically want to know if I can go into whirlwind form, and then cast spells or Channel when my party needs it. Also on this list, wand usage.

I can't stop giggling at the idea of someone getting hurt so bad that I need to fly over in whirlwind form and hit them with a heal, causing them to have to make a Reflex save or be pulled in as well, lol. I can drop him in the square as a free action next turn but it's still pretty funny.

Also, I can't seem to understand the cloud of debris section of it. I know it's supposed to act as a Fog Cloud but I don't understand the spell either. xD My MAIN question about it:

It says creatures 5 feet away have concealment and those farther away have total concealment. So that means anyone making ranged attacks against me will have to shoot into my square and suffer the 50% miss chance, right?

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