Cannon weight?


Anyone in herer have a good idea what the cannon listed as 'cannon' under siege firearms would weigh in pounds?

Wikipedia suggests a wide variety of cannons have a huge difference in weight, and I've trouble figuring out which to go with.

It's important for this ogre gunslinger I was thinking of making.

Might have to go centaur for the extra carrying capacity. Although that runs into the problem of them using undersized weaponry, which is a silly rule, by the by.

This illustrates why pretty well.

Still have to contend with it though, so I'll have to do the ogre.

Anyway. What do you think the cannon siege engine weighs?

Alright, so this is all a very, very rough set of calculations. The cannon has 70 HP, iron/steel has 30 HP/inch, so presumably a 5 foot by 5 foot by 2.5 inch sheet of iron/steel has 70 HP, that's 5.21 ft^3, iron/steel measures somewhere in the range of 500 lbs/ft^3, so that's 2605 lbs for the 5'x5'x2.5" sheet and presumably the similarly weighted cannon. Mounting, cannonballs, and brass monkey extra.

You're going to need some ridiculous carrying capacity.

's not that hard. Large is *2, ant-haul triples, mule-back cords give +8 str for the purpose of carrying capacity, and ogre gives +4 str.

I'd need a friendly spellcaster, and 1000gp for the 'chords.

Heavy load for str 21 is 460lb, so that *6 is 2760lb.

I only need to buy a '9' in str in order to have str 13 to start. Might be wise to buy str 13 so I can carry ammunition too.

If I wanted to log it around at light load, I'd need a str of 21.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the quick answer!

Why not use a double hackbutt instead?

Slightly less damage, but you don't have to spend a round aiming and reloading is a bit quicker (I think. I haven't actually checked) plus it works like a 2 handed firearm instead of using the siege engine rules.

Because large creatures can use cannons as two-handed firearms.

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