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The Unofficial Pathfinder Online Atlas Version 2.0 has been released.

New in Version 2.0

  • Home - This tab contains a greeting, a revision list, and copyright/license information.
  • In-Game Map - This tab shows the actual game map with zoom, with a legend of map icons.
  • Geographic Regions and Terrain Type - This shows the geographic regions for the full extent of PFO as well as terrain types for game hexes. The legend provides some resource availability information.
  • Sphere of Influence and Faction Allegiance - This map shows areas that have been publicly (in either the Goblinworks or Paizo forums) claimed as a "Sphere of Influence" by specific in-game groups. A hex is "claimed" in-game through the building of Holdings in that hex.
  • Holdings, Outposts and Other Structures [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] - When fully implemented this atlas page will show the locations, types, and ownership of persistent player built structures in game. These include holdings, outposts, and inns. Smallholdings, basecamps, and camps will not be shown as they can be more frequently move than other structures.
  • Make Your Own Maps for Settlement Management - This atlas page will provide links to tutorials for making your own PFO maps using QGIS. Links to the QGIS software and to a base data set are already on the page.
  • Hex Size Correction - The sizes of the terrain hexes has been corrected to remove the foreshortening erroneously introduced in version 1.0h.

Please feel free to post suggestions, comments, or errors to this thread.

Harad Navar, of the 36th Order

Again, a great map! Thank you, Harad. Already bookmarked. :)

Near Ozem's Vigil, one NE, one SE, and 1 skip directly East are actually Highlands hexes. Was there ever clarification about the hex 2 NE of Ozem's? is it a broken Lands, a forest hex, or a strange hybrid?

Thanks Harad. There are indeed several highland and crophexes missing on the terrain type map in the nothern part of the map around callamabea and near Thornkeep.

Grand Lodge

I'm having some real issues getting the website to load. I have tried chrome, IE and Firefox as well as clearing cookies and browser files.

IE went from low and unresponsive to cannot load message after clearing cashe,

chrome shows broken links to images and no map,

Firefox loaded 80% of the in game map before timing out and becoming unresponsive.

tried rebooting and still the same issues except chrome now displays no data received message.

Not sure why, @Quijenoth. Nothing special about the site except using leaflet.js and bootstrap.js.

@Bringslite and @Tyncal, thanks, I am working on making terrain corrections, but probably not before Tuesday.

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