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Just a few questions about how consolidated skills are meant to work, that weren't directly addressed in the book. When using the consolidated skill list:

1) Do humans still get 1 extra skill rank per level?

2) Does favored class bonus still provide 1 extra skill rank?

3) When adding 1/2 a character's INT bonus to skill ranks/level, do you round up, round down, or do you carry over fractions across levels?

4) If you are also using the background skill rules from unchained, do characters still get 2 ranks/level to spend on background skills?

1.) I'd say yes (nothing says otherwise and changes for other corner-cases are given)
2.) see 1.)
3.) want to know too - maybe you really get 0.5 ranks and it's only a complete rank when you put 0.5 ranks in a skill two times.
4.) not read yet.

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For question 3 -- the default rule is to round down unless the rules explicitly state otherwise.

Thanx David. Found another indicator that it should be rounded down in the section about Grouped skills, p. 70, col. 2, druid example: "She has one speciality to spend (1/2 her Intelligence modifier rounds down to 0 in this case [Int 12]...)(...)"

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