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What different methods are there for getting additional swift actions in a round?

The only ones I'm familiar with off the top of my head are the borrowed time spell and the corset of delicate moves (probably best described as a vest for male characters).

I suppose you can do what the game developers did with their glove of storing/gauntlets of the weapon master trick; and essentially stack it with itself several times to get multiple uses per day (it would only cost you an additional 3,000gp for each extra daily use--unless you craft it yourself of course).

Still, I'm wondering if there is more out there for those poor classes that are choked by too many swift action options and not enough swift actions in a round.

I do believe that you may have stumped the boards. Though I would like to know if there are other means...

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My Oni Spawn Sanctified Slayer will gladly wear a corset if that's what it take for him to get another swift action. And if anyone laughs at him, or makes derogatory comments, it's their own fault for what happens next. After all, people should know better than to laugh at a 7 foot tall tiefling carrying a nodachi, even if he is in drag.

Use the unchained action economy?

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