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I'm playing an Aasimar Oracle of Life, my overall goal is to support the party and heal them. I found a few feats that might help, but I need opinions. I would like to gain a familiar through the familiar folio, and I'm thinking take improved familiar to get a pseudodragon. I think it'd be a keen idea because I'd have a tiny dragon that can flit around the battlefield helping me pester the bad guys, or help my teammates, but again I'm looking for advice.

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I played a paladin that specialized in healing and got to use a 3pp feat called Mystic Healer. It gave a scaling bonus to cures and channel energies. +1d4 at 1st, +1d6 at 4th, +2d6 at 7th, etc. Would really synergize well with the aasimar favored class option. You might even get 1d6 per level channels!!! Approximately....

Thanks for the info SmiloDan, but I need to stick with paizo stuff, no offense intended, but I need the info in-hand for my GM to read. My GM has banned electronics except for checking rules or spell details.

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You can take a dip into Chosen One Paladin, for a familiar.

Oracle and Paladin mesh very well.

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BlingerBunny wrote:
Thanks for the info SmiloDan, but I need to stick with paizo stuff, no offense intended, but I need the info in-hand for my GM to read. My GM has banned electronics except for checking rules or spell details.

Yeah, I almost never use 3rd party stuff, either, but one player suggested it and the GM allowed it, so I went for it. I was the primary healer for 5 PCs, so I needed all the help I could get.

I recently played a Life Oracle with the Spirit Guide archetype (choosing Life Spirit); at seventh level you gain access to a second Channel Pool (albeit one that isn't effected by the Aasimar Oracle FCB).

If you use the Aasimar Oracle FCB, you also get early access to the Channeled Revival feat; this is a very good thing, especially if you are rocking 16-20 channels/day. Yay ranged Breath of Life!

Reactive Healing is amazing for keeping you on your feet, though it does require either Quick Channel or Quicken Spell (neither of which is much of a feat tax if you ask me).

Divine Protection is more or less a MUST HAVE unless you are planning to dip into Paladin.

Fateful Channel is good if you worship Pharasma.

Liberation Channel is a great choice if you worship Cayden Cailean.

Selective Channel is pretty much a feat tax to avoid healing injured opponents.

That's all I can think of for now.

Reach spell spell is handy for delivering healing touch spells further out, also a familiar is a great addition, as deliver touch spells includes healing, so fly and heal on little dragon!

Battle Cry is one of your best feat picks. A swift action effect you can use Charisma times per day which allows all of your allies to reroll a saving throw after they have failed is amazing. The fact that it is also in effect a quickened Bless is just a nice bonus on top.

You can get a familiar through Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) although it almost certainly isn't worth the two feat cost.

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If you stay Lawful Good, you can use Believer's Boon and Believer's Hands from the ACG. Combine with Fey Foundling, and you can single class an Oradin.

Another route for an animal friend are the feats...Nature Soul, Animal Ally and Boon Companion.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

You can take a dip into Chosen One Paladin, for a familiar.

Oracle and Paladin mesh very well.

I'm currently playing an oracle with the nature mystery. My GM is letting me choose a familiar in place of the Bonded Mount revlation, so I think I know exactly what you're getting at. :)

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That's nice of him.

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Power Attack?

"Healer" doesn't have to mean "non-combatant."

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After Selective Channel (to heal allies and exclude enemies) and, as long as you're not playing PFS, Craft Wand (to provide really inexpensive healing with wands of cure light wounds in between fights and possibly wands of lesser restoration later on; the party should rarely be below full hp/strength, if at all possible), you don't really need any other feats to fill the healer role.

Everything else can be used to develop your character in other ways. Also, start discussing tactics and teamwork with the other players. In-combat healing is usually a very inefficient use of a character's actions; if they feel the need for a "dedicated healer," then they're probably getting into trouble by sub-par combat choices/positioning (not buffing before/at the start of combat, not softening up opponents with ranged attacks, not using battlefield control spells/maneuvers, allowing opponents to get full attacks/gang up on PCs, etc.).

@Dragonchess Player, not to derail but as GM I do my best to prevent players from buffing before combats about half to 2/3's of the time, that said, I have a bunch of murder hobo's of 25+ years of playing (just like me LOL) so I do not feel bad about it. But my point is, there are going to be times when buffing is just not possible, or the party is simply in a crappy tactical position, so in combat healing is not useless IMO, optimum, no, but sure not an inefficient use of a characters action economy when its needed. But that's just my 2 cp.

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Currently starting something similar, though I want to be more buff-bot than heal-bot.

Assimar FCB to channel positive.

Selective channel
Assimar force channel (throwing undead around is so much fun)
Assimar improved force channel
Alignment channel, evil (to throw around evil outsiders)

If there are no undead or evil outsiders in the opposition I can heal through channels.
Full caster for buff spells.
If I really have to, I can use my spells for healing. But I'd rather not.

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Yeah, I play with a DM (5th Ed) and we need to heal a lot and often either don't have time to pre-buff or we've run out of or super low on spell slots.

Being a good healer can backfire on you.
One time I made a life oracle that could heal just unbelievable amounts if really needed. I thought of it as an emergence backup so the powerful creatures couldn't kill pc's with raw damage.

Unfortunately the group took it for granted and their tactics became steadily worse. Literally every fight, no matter the setup, was just charge to attack since EA can keep us up and in the fight.

I had to start actively not healing people (I would just stabilize them then move on and cast some other spell), which caused some hurt feelings. Then they finally at least started to consider whether there might be something smarter than charge-full-attack.

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Yeah, it's a lot more efficient to prevent damage than heal damage.

But sometimes...

Sometimes you need a doctor.

I definitely agree. Some people will say it is never necessary. I disagree with that. But I did get tired of the group that intended to require and planned for constant in combat healing.

Healer should be an aspect of a character, not the definition.

I was curious where this build could go. My spell list isn't exactly the best for dealing with undead and constructs. My best spell would be stone shape, the rest are buffs or situational spells, like hold person, or minor image. I'm not even sure if Obscuring Mist helps.

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I'm a HUGE fan of murderous command!!!! Maybe take Heighten Spell to boost it? It uses up one opponent's action and may harm a different opponent. It's wicked cool!

I'm in the Mummy's Mask campaign, and the main enemies are undead or constructs. That aside, I don't know what's up ahead. What are some good area buff spells I could snag?

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Yikes! Then mind-affecting spells are probably a no-no. Hmmmm...

Are there any good divine battlefield control spells? Would consecrate be good? I'm thinking summoning spells might be good, too. Maybe with Sacred Summons? I don't know how big your party is, so I don't know if summoning is a fun option (I personally think it's more fun when you have a small party, and kind of extraneous if you have a large party, especially one with pets too).

Buffs might be good too. Greater Magic Weapon to overcome DR?

Well, like I said, my biggest weapon is Stone Shape, which I use against constructs, I'm getting Telekinesis soon, but I dunno how that'll help.

Consecrate is limited to where It's made, which means its a great bottle-neck tactic. I can't get Mass Heal for 11 levels, and my only other thought is channeling. I honestly feel kinda useless. I want to go with the channel force feats, which I think are pretty cool. I am aasimar after all, but is there a feat to channel positive energy against constructs?

Summon Monster feats chain. You can heal and buff to your heart's content while your Augmented, Superior summoned friends do the dirty work for you. Yay for flexibility!

Burst of Radiance is great for battlefield control. Plane Shift is an extremely effective save or die for non golem constructs. If you are meeting things with Immunity to Magic then you are a bit stuck as you have few SR: No spells. Buffing your allies or summoning is your best bet.

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