101 Ways to Integrate Dinosaurs Into Your Campaign

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Yes, it's time for another 101 thread. This one is about dinosaurs, and how to have the PCs encounter them in ways that make sense (and ways that don't make sense).

1.) The land time forgot- an underground verdant paradise where all kinds of extinct creatures live, undiscovered by humanoids for eons.

2.) Jurassic Park - Some scientist/wizard/alchemist decided that having giant toothy beasts around would be cool, and revived them from extinction.

3.) Nature's Avengers - Dinosaurs are the way your local Nature Deity has decided to show their displeasure with anyone who egregiously violates their laws. They might reward especially pious clerics, rangers, and druids with dinosaur companions.

4) World has dinosaurs as common creatures. Nuff said.

5) Nouvelle cuisine: a new kind of meat comes on the market, and one of the competitors hires the PCs to find out what animal it's from.

6) Interplanetary Invasion by Dinosaurs.

7) Meet a pair of plumbers who say "Run! Kupa's coming."

8) You gate into anther time

9) First race pays a visit

10) Wizard invents a spell to time travel, and sells Safai Hunting of big game, but then things go wrong....


11) The emperor of your nation is an awakened t-rex. Talk about tyranny!

12: finding a big-ass egg in a dungeon dedicated to dragons..only it's brown.(yea i know meta dragon brown\earth drake. sush).

13: blighted area effected by de-evolution - birds turn big, lose feathers and grow scales.

14: that wacky wild mage did it again!!

15: so you know that ice cave your exploring? it's on an unstable volcano and guess who's melting?

16: that jungule no-one ever came back form? there is a reason why...

17: what do you mean the world's not flat?

18) Two fossils are discovered during a dungeon trip, and a wizard offers to revive one of the fossilized creatures in exchange for the second fossil.

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19.) A circle of powerful Kobold Druids has discovered a way to manipulate reincarnation magic with an artifact in the form of an altar to the Green Faith, Nalinivati and Shyka. Any living creature that willingly rests upon the altar passes away while they sleep and is reincarnated as a dinosaur. The creature has no direct control over which type of dinosaur they come back as but the Druids have noticed that there does seem to be correlation to the strength and character of the creature's soul.

Plot Hook: Unknown to the Druids, a Serpentfolk Cleric of Ydersius has learned of the altar and is planning to corrupt it and bring about a new Age of Serpents. Can you stop them before it's too late? Can you earn the trust of the reclusive Druids and take saurian form yourself?

Cuuniyevo, sounds fun.

Your druid PC dreams of a beast rippling with scales, teeth and muscles. In their dream, they and the beast clash in almost euphoric violence, and they inevitably meet their end amidst slashing claws and crushing jaws.

In the waking world, everything looks so insignificant next to the life or death struggle taking place by night.

Will they be able to master their totem-monster before the primal beast masters them?

(Saurian Shaman in-character reasoning).


20) Realizing that Golarion is not Earth and that Golarion need not have suffered a cataclysm (meteor) that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Gauss wrote:
20) Realizing that Golarion is not Earth and that Golarion need not have suffered a cataclysm (meteor) that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Agreed. Though, Golarion did suffer at least on cataclysm, (a meteor, I think) referred to as "Earthfall", which was the undoing of ancient Thassilonian society. The exact scale and consequences of this impact outside of Varisia is not defined to my knowledge, so perhaps one can be led to believe that it's impact elsewhere was significantly less severe.

Of course, this event could be responsible for the death of a great number of dinosaurs, except that they were able to survive in some regions - namely the Mwangi Expanse. Of course if you take this to the earth extreme of dinosaurs roaming and ruling the planet, then the fact that Earthfall happened only 10,000 years ago makes the evolution of diverse species such as modern mammals and humans HIGHLY unlikely, unless this was somehow aided by magic... But I digress...

A tongue in cheek suggestion.

Dinosaurs were brought to Golarion on a meteor or asteroid which collided with Golarion.

They were able to survive the impact as a side effect of powerful magic cast upon the meteor or asteroid by casters on Golarion intending to reduce the effect of the impact on Golarion's creatures.

22) Magical guardians created by dragons.
23) Stolen dragon eggs manipulated by evil magicians (like dragon lance setting)

24) A ship arrives from a far country bringing a cargo of strange eggs.

25) Someone casts a polymorph spell on a chicken.

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