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I could have sworn I'd seen something saying they were legal and detailing the price, but now I can't find it.

So, are magical tattoo versions of Wondrous Items legal in PFS?

If so, what do they cost?

Lastly, if legal for PCs, are they legal for Animal Companions? I'm assuming they'd be limited to the slots the animal has (probably barding and neck), but being able to tattoo something like a Dire Collar in addition to the Amulet of Mighty Fists would be darn nice.

Thoughts? Comments? Links? Claims I'm a min/maxing dog for asking?

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As always, when determining if something is legal in PFS, we turn to the Additional Resources:

Additional Resources:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Magic
Equipment: riffle scrolls (any spell augmented by the Silent Spell metamagic feat; price equals the spell's effective level × the caster's level × 25 gp); Feats: all feats on pages 10 and 15; Prestige Classes: A cyphermage replaces any Spell Focus feat for Scribe Scroll as a prerequisite, and may not choose the swift scrivener ability from the list of available cypher lore; the divine scion functions as written; Spells: all spells in chapter 5 except impart mind, and spellscar; Other: all magical tattoos on page 16; both the spellscar and outer rifts oracle mysteries on pages 30-31 (the spellscar oracle does not gain access to the eldritch scar, primal mastery or trigger primal magic event revelations); all archetypes on pages 32-43 except the primalist wizard archetype, with the following restrictions: only elves may be spire defender magi; a tattooed sorcerer may only use her create spell tattoo power during days spent in play (ie. not between scenarios); a vampire hunter inquisitor does not gain the silversmith ability, instead replacing detect alignment with detect undead; Upon gaining 8th level, the Varisian Pilgrim may gain the 8th-level ability Blessing of the Harrow as long as the player possesses a Harrow deck.

The magical tattoos on page 16 are legal, and this is the required source for them. The tattooed sorcerer can use Create Spell Tattoo.

Grand Lodge

I'm not sure bout wondrous items in ink form existing for purchase under normal circumstances, but some scenarios do give access to special magical tatoos.

my sorcerer does have two that he gained in that method.

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I read a few conflicting claims when I was playing my monk who was a tattoo artist.

Some people say that making it a slotless wondrous item is like a custom item and isn't allowed, while others debate that they are allowed, just highly unlikely since it's double the cost and you just won't get enough gold in PFS to really take advantage of all your slots as well as slotless.

A tattoo version of a wondrous item uses the slotless rule, so it's 2x the cost. Do the math and see how much it comes out to and most of the time it's just not really worth it.

I will admit I know nothing about tattoo rules for animal companions, but it makes sense that it would only affect the slots that it is allowed.

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Oh, you are trying to double your slots by using tattoos to make custom versions of normally slotted magic items. Yeah, that part isn't allowed. No customization of magic items.

PC's are not allowed to craft things in PFS, and NPC's only make listed magic items, with the very few specific exceptions listed in the Guide to Organized Play or the FAQ. You would have to find out where such tattoo versions of magic items exist, and then show they are legal in the Additional Resources.

Sovereign Court

Ah yeah I remember why it came up now, it's because of the Tattoo Parlor vanity in the Pathfinder Society Primer.

Tattoo Parlor: It is difficult to exaggerate the cultural importance of tattoos among traveling Varisians. Some of their tattoos have interesting magical properties, too.
Cost: 5 PP
Bonus: Add +1 to Craft (tattoo) Day Job checks, receieve a 10% discount on magical tattoos. See Inner Sea Magic for magical tattoos.

Yeah basically the only tattoos you're allowed are the select few that exist in that book as well as a couple in um.... Magical Marketplace.


Yeah. Absolutely no way are you allowed to make a slotless tattoo version of an existing item. You can only get explicitly-defined magical tattoos.

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