Warrior: The War Chronicles, Book I


When I first self-published Warrior back in January I posted something here to let folks know. It didn't get much attention.

Since then Warrior has sold over 1,200 copies, has been as high as #13 on the Amazon young adult fantasy best seller list and has 22 of 27 reviews on Amazon as five stars.

If you like epic fantasy with lots of action, interesting characters and a unique setting and magic, you might want to check it out.

Amazon listing for Warrior

Also, I am in wrapping up editing for the next book in the series, "Warlock" which will be out by the end of next month.

Is there a physical version, or is it Kindle only?

There is also a paper option, but it's print-on-demand and so isn't cheap. You can get a paper copy for $10.99 off Amazon, plus shipping. That is the lowest price Amazon would allow me to set for the physical book.

No pdf? :/

Ah. $10.99 plus shipping is a bit steep for a paperback. I'll definitely check out the Kindle version though.

Drejk, the link I posted is to the Kindle Store. I currently have the book in the "Kindle Select" program which is essentially an Amazon eBook store exclusive marketing program which gives me some benefits on Amazon. The Kindle eBook works with Kindle readers, including free Kindle readers for pretty much any computer OS.

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