Griffon Rider in Rise of the Rune Lords Campaign


Hello fellow gamers,

I am assembling my pathfinder crew for our run at the RotRL AP (anniversary edition), and one of my players was looking to take the "Monstrous Mount" and "Monstrous Mount Mastery" Feats on his cavalier at around lvls 5&7 (which is the earliest they can be taken anyway).

I was curious to see what your thoughts are on him taking a griffon. Having never run the campaign before, and barely looking at it (college finals are this week, go figure), I was hoping you guys could help a fellow GM out.

-Earl of the Malebolge

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Not much to say, its a monstrous mount.
Level 5 , 7 is around chapter 2, so not a lot of outdoors adventures. Might be challenging to move around with the griffon.
Chapter 3 and higher will offer more space to travel and maneuvers, mostly because the dungeons and outdoors will be made to accomodate large size.

That's what I was thinking, but I wanted to hear from people who have more experience with the adventure.

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