Rise of the Runelords Related Fiction?


What are some good books that are related to RotRL? I am primarily looking for Pathfinder Tales, but if you know of some other good fiction then I am listening.

None in particular are specifically related to RotRL. There aren't any Tales that involve events from that AP.

However, the following stories take place in some part or another of Varisia:

Winter Witch starts in Korvosa, travels through Varisia and north into Irrisen.

The Illusionist (free)/ (ePub) takes place in Korvosa (specifically at the Acadamae).

Blood of the City takes place in Magnimar. So does the prequel story In the Event of my Untimely Demise (free)/ (ePub)

The Box (free)/ (ePub) and the sequel Light of a Distant Star both take place in Magnimar.

Shattered Steel (free)/ (ePub) takes place in Korvosa.

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They're not books, but the Pathfinder Legends audio dramas tell the story of Rise of the Runelords.

Additionally, the first three storylines in the Pathfinder Comic is set in and around Sandpoint and Magnimar.

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The forthcoming novel from Dave Gross, Lord of Runes, will likely be of interest to you.

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Joseph's right—Lord of Runes is far and away the most ROTRL-esque novel, and will have lots of Easter eggs for players of the early APs!

VERY excited about that! I'm running RotR right now, and love the AP.

That said, Itchy is in my game, and he devours all the Tales he can. Are the Easter eggs possible spoilers at all for someone not yet familiar with the story I the AP?


No, or at least not for RotRL (maaaaybe arguably CotCT, but it's vague enough that it doesn't actually spoil any plot developments, and I wouldn't worry about a player grasping the significance of certain characters and references until after playing through a substantial chunk of the AP).

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Lord of Runes is crammed full of many of my favorite Varisian things, including the city of Korvosa, Kaer Maga, a notorious masked vigilante, a celebrated former Pathfinder, the remnants of a fallen order of knights, and much, much more.

While Rise of the Runelords provided some of that inspiration, so did Curse of the Crimson Throne and, to a lesser degree, Second Darkness. Players in any of those APs will recognize familiar things and get a feel for the region.

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