Starting in on an existing evil underdark campaign, would love suggestions


So in a month my work schedule will be changing and I'll be joining in on an existing game run by my friend.

We'll be playing a homebrew campaign set in the Underdark, and everyone (Except one person) is playing an Evil character. At least 2 of the 4 are drow too. They are level 12, mythic tier 3. They have a Mystic Theurge, an Investigator, a Ranger, and a Monk.

I need to make a character to join their party, but have no idea *what* to play. I mean, there's so many options and being allowed to play evil opens up almost all the really nasty tactics and whatnot.

I would like, from you all on the advice forum, to get suggestions for race/class/path and a single line as to why that would be awesome. I'll play the best one I hear. :P

The DM is allowing ALL Pathfinder products, but no non-Pathfinder materials. Some 3rd party materials are approved though, so if what you want to suggest requires one of those, just say so and I can check.

I hope to hear some good suggestions.

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Be the creature that reminds the drow that even they need to fear the dark. I know the loss of caster levels is generally frowned on but looking at the current group this is the perfect time.

Hmm... Interesting.

What Mythic shenaneigans could I employ with a Umbral Agent?

Play a cleric that is going towards becoming a Matron.

I'd just go hierophant and use Inspired Spell in all its broken glory. Pick up mythic spell casting. Maybe take the Theologian archetype for the cleric levels. Get the Umbral Spell and Shadow Grasp metamagic feats for the cool factor.

How about a Witch with the "Shadow" Patron theme. She/he, communes with the darkness. As far as race- Tiefling maybe? Or go with something unexpected- Like a half-elf that despises, their surface elf parent.

If the drow have feated up to at will deeper darkness, tiefling ninja feated into the see in darkness power.

Can i qualify for umbral agent with witch? Could i do a scarred witch doctor that way and be kinda tanky?

Yes you could. However the Umbral Agents abilities scale with wis and effective class level for domains. If you want to enter as an arcane caster then the Empyrial sorcerer bloodline is probably your best bet even if it clashes a bit thematically.

Well let's keep going and see what other options are suggested.

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Definitely a cleric of Gorum! A wisdom based melee monster who happens to have the DCs to use some save or suck spells... Hierophant for inspired spell. I can post more build info if you want but basically using mythic guided hand and stacking smites for damage (take destruction[rage] and strength[ferocity] for your domains). It's hard to say for certain without knowing everyone else's builds but I'm pretty sure you could have the highest damage output in the party plus spell support.

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