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Hi, I ordered a Seedy Tavern Flipmat on order 3489306. It was put into my sidecart to ship with my next subscription shipment.

I've gotten notice that my subscription order (Pathfinder Unchained) shipped on order 3496406 --- but the notification sent to my email says the shipment ONLY contains Pathfinder Unchained and nothing else. If I click on order 3496406 it likewise says it shipped by itself.

But if I click on order -306, it says that the flip mat DID in fact ship with Unchained.

I realize it may make sense to wait until the order arrives and see what's actually in it, but I wanted to point out that this is both uncertain and confusing. If you could please verify what HAS indeed shipped, I would appreciate it. I would also like to be sure that if the flip mat has NOT shipped that it does escape the sidecart eventually. :) Any help you can offer is much appreciated. Thanks.

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I am very sorry for any confusion with this!

It has not shipped yet. We've been having some odd problems with sidecarts that the tech team needs to take a look at. The Flip-Mat ended up in a doppleganger sidecart, where it couldn't actually move.

I have rescued it form the doppleganger sidecart, and it should actualy be visible in your sidecart now. It should be able to ship with your next subscription order. If you need it shipping sooner than that, please let me know, and I'll make sure it gets on the way to you.


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Thanks for checking.

I don't need it any time soon, so I can wait for it. Thanks.

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