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I just got Mystical Kingdom of Monsters and it looks pretty good. The one thing I am wondering about is their capture monster ability is a cantrip with a will save that that the target gets a bonus on if over 25% health.The class has one built in upgrade to the DC of 2 in the mid to upper lvls (9-11?).

With this limited scaling higher lvl capturing should become pretty dificult. I was curious if it was intended to be this way or if it was meant to scale like a SU ability?

If stuck with cantrip saves maybe heighten/persistent metamagic combined with an intimidate/cruel weapon build would allow high level capturing.

Or you could use a lot of capturing lower creatures to be upgraded as you level depending on how you use the growth system.

Has anyone had any experience with this or any other suggestions/comments?

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I've primarily caught lower level monsters and then leveled them up. I caught one glabrezu and it felt like the most annoying part of Pokemon as I had something like a 20% chance after reducing his hp. I'm not certain that's a bad thing though; more powerful rare monsters probably should be harder to catch.

A lot of my players choose the perk to level their companions up like animal companions, and I find that those players generally aren't terribly interested in surrendering their custom improved monsters for the higher CR ones.

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Step 1. Bring creature below 0 and stable (consider Golden Legion's Stayed Blade feat)

Step 2. Spam Capture Monster in a Take 20 fashion. A nat 1 is an auto fail on a saving throw, so you are using it until it gets a nat 1, like taking 20.

Some types of creatures can't be knocked out, but any situation you can spam it without stopping should have the same effect.

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