Intelligent items activating thier powers.

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If a colossal construct is wearing an intelligent helm of teleportation and it is activated by the item does the the helm teleport, the construct teleport, or both.

The helm does not have the CL to teleport something colossal.
Since intelligent items count as creatures are they brought along automatically with gear of do they count towards teleport limits?

Is they effect any different with boots?

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you mean the helm is intelligent? the helm can teleport itself fine...he can't teleport the colossal construct. CL 9 is way too low for a colossal creature.

Yes I do mean the helm is intelligent.

The helm does not allow you cast teleport. It teleports the wearer.

A character wearing this helm may teleport three times per day, instantly transporting himself and objects he might be carrying on his person to a designated destination, exactly as if he had cast the spell of the same name.

Unlike the teleport spell you can not bring anyone with you.

The basic goal I have is to find a way to teleport a colossal creature. It can be done if the creature uses the magic itself but that is hard for mindless undead, constructs and animals.

If impart mind works on constructs that would solve the issue.

I thought the helm may work since it does not cast teleport like the boots do. They issue then is can the helm be brought along since it counts as creature and magic item.

Intelligent items self-activating:

Unlike most magic items, intelligent items can activate their own powers without waiting for a command word from their owner. Intelligent items act during their owner's turn in the initiative order.

Helm of teleportation:

A character wearing this helm may teleport three times per day, instantly transporting himself and objects he might be carrying on his person to a designated destination, exactly as if he had cast the spell of the same name.

(Emphasis mine.) An intelligent helm is capable of activating itself, but that doesn't make it the target of its own abilities - the teleportation effect still originates on the one wearing the helm. I suppose the helm could choose whether or not it would come along for the ride, but the wearer is going for sure. (Even if it didn't specify the wearer, though, as a rule of thumb, I'd still make it so any effect being used by a self-activated magic item would go on the wearer by default - otherwise, you'd end up with nonsensical situations, like boots of haste hasting themselves.)

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what if it was apart of the creature like the helmet is the skull for the construte

Weird things happen with intelligent items.

If you're the GM, it works however you want it to.

If you're a player, check with your GM. Many wouldn't allow intelligent items in the first place. Or at least you wouldn't just find them for sale or be able to craft them. They would be the result of the GM deliberately placing them and designing how they work.

You mean like a graft? A guy with a hook for a hand is still "wearing" the hook, even if it's now a part of his body.

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If it's a DM-designed artifact, it will be able to do exactly what the DM says it will, enabling it to teleport the construct if that is its designated function (meaning teleporting the wearer, regardless of size).

If it's a book-standard helm, you have to look at the item, and then at the spell itself.

My reading of the teleport spell is that there is no weight or size limit on the "you" who is using the spell (and hence the item). It only speaks about weight and size in reference to the additional characters you can bring. The book-standard helm does not appear to confer the ability to bring others along either.

That is what I hoped for.

An animal can probably activate a command word item but getting to teleport where you want would be very tricky. I do not thing a zombie of golem can do it all. If the item does then it should work.

The other solution i found was the wayfinder of the stars but it is very expensive and only works once per day instead 3 times. Still if I can get the creature to count as the activater then an animate ship can take along all riders.

I am not sure you can enchant part of a construct as an item.

Got ninjaed i was responding to Azoriel.

I agree that the helm does not have size limit and can not bring others but is the "you" the wearer even if activated by another party.

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