Retraining Summoner Archetype, What happens to eidolon?

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I would like to retrain 11lvl summoner(pure) to master summoner archetype.
I have a problem with "lesser eidolon" replacinig summoner's "eidolon" ability.

It is written at archetype that:

SRD wrote:

"A master summoner’s class level is halved (minimum 1) for the purposes of determining his eidolon’s abilities, Hit Dice, evolution pool, and so on. The eidolon otherwise functions as normal.

This ability replaces the summoner’s normal eidolon ability."

My eidolon had 9HD, after retraining it should lose 5HD becoming 4HD.

Should I create new eidolon completly?(choosing new feats from begining etc)
Or does it simply lose every single ability obtained after 4th HD?
Should I pay for every ability and feat it loses? According to rules I should spend 5 days for every ability lost or replaced, but does it aplly to abilities lost by eidolon(not by the summoner himself)?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Redesign your eidolon from scratch

Thanks for reply, what about payment?
Should I pay only for retraining character and redesigning eidolon is free?

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Pay for what it takes to retrain archtype. The cost of new eidolon is built into change

Thanks a lot!
I have the last question:
I have found out that in retraining rules(archetype paragraph) trainer is not mentioned, while on the other paragraphs(not all of them) there is a need of specific trainer(sometimes it is a person of the same class but higher in level, sometimes it is just a person(of any level) knowing what you want to obtain(not necessarily of the same class or higher level).

My question is if my character needs this trainer(he was simply not mentioned), or she just spend resources herself and do somekind of research. Or maybe the cash goes to trainers but they are not that important and payment happens automatically(like in magic item creation).

Sovereign Court

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I had the same trainer issue in my thread. It seems strange to me that they added a rule for retraining archetypes while there is a more specific one about class features.

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For wizards and fighters, they are classes where training is considered necessary. In my opinion, classes like the summoner don't have trainers. As their abilities are fundamentally apart of them.

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