How best to add an animal companion to a non-companion class


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I need a little help figuring out the best way to do this. I have been playing a witch in our pirate game and she is now level 4. She has been using the harrow deck heavily as part of her character concept and my GM even helped me come up with some house rules to encourage this. Then the Harrow Handbook came out and offered the Cartomancer Archetype which does many of the things I have been trying to do. My GM has given me permission to rebuild my character using this Archetype. Additionally my animal familiar has become a known part of the game so he has given me permission to keep him as an animal companion. I thought it was possible for any class to add an animal (companion) but now can't figure out how. Any suggestions/advice? I also heavily use HeroLab for my character building so any suggestions/advice on how to do this in HeroLab would be appreciated.


There's feat natures ally that can give you an animal companion. There's also feats that can give you a familiar if you're okay with that instead of a companion.

Nature Soul
Animal Ally
Boon Companion

Three feats, grant you an animal companion equal to a Druid of your level.

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Honestly, I'd take the feats to keep my familiar. Skill focus + Eldritch heritage arcane can grant you a familiar if you have a high enough charisma.

What animal is your familiar? You didn't say.


Eldritch Heritage Sylvan grants it- no?

you can't eldrich heritage into sylvan

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He's techniquely a blue-footed boobie, which isn't currentlynavailable in pathfinder, so my GM basicly used the Hawk and skinned the boobie over it with some very minor tweeks.

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I wouldn't mind keeping him as a familiar. The new achtype uses your harrow deck instead of an animal as your spellbook.

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Nature soul -> Animal Ally -> Boon Companion is a great option, it'll give you an animal companion from a limited list, but bird is an option.

Iron Will -> Familiar Bond -> Improved Familiar Bond will let you keep it as a familiar (or you can stop after 2 feats if you're not worried about the special abilities).

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Thank you for the suggestions. I'm trying not to use too many feats on it, so I think I will look into the second option.

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