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What would be a great idea for a Black Crusade PBP?

A warband entered stasis vaults just after the Heresy ended, as the traitors were forced back to the Eye of Terror. 40,000 years later, the planet they hid on has become a hive world, with the capitol hive right over top their tomb. Now a gang of ratskins has accidentally unearthed them, and they have to avoid the gangs of the underhive while sabotaging and corrupting the hives, without revealing themselves too quickly and provoking the Inquisition before they're ready.

Take some space marines and have them become soldiers of Chaos. Whether they are just pawns or champions depends on there actions and deeds. Just always starting good or bad is vanilla...taking someone back to the other side, that takes work and lots of temptations.

The setting: A feral world. The mission: The Imperium wants this planet, that means Chaos wants it more. Establish dominance amongst whatever inhabitants live on the planet (if there are any), survive against the monsters of the jungle, and spread Chaos before the Imperium can claim the planet as their own. Who knows what relics and ancient rituals to Chaos you might find on a world untouched by the outside world.

Aw, man, I like all these ideas.

If there is enough interest, I'd consider GM. Like the idea of a marine going to the other side, slowly gaining notice and perhaps favor from the ruinous powers. To discover their power and influence rather than beginning with it.

It'd be a high level game most likely, or not, depending on players interests... Younger Marines tempted by Chaos or older vets who happen upon something or someone unfortunate... Jus some ideas, but I like them.

tempted to take part and apply if a PbP is happening. I happen to have even a perfect Heretic Tech ready for service

In that note maybe a group being transported in a prison ship in cryostatis while something strange occurs during warpdrive / malfunction / unknown factors causes the "prisoned" chaos players to awaken

I'll second D'eon's idea, that sounds fun! I'm interested to play that sort of game.

BC on this forum is tough. 2 games here have died before we even get to piss. I'm up to play any idea, but for me to GM, I'm not interested in vanilla as GM, id be something differnt. If someone else decides to host a game, then I'll play whatever.

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I don't know about that, I'm in a BC right now, it's pretty fun.

We are doing the "Talon of Horus" pretty fun stuff XD


Any takers? Any players? Any GM?

I could GM for 4-6 Heretics. Human, Marine, or mixed?

One suggestion for a mixed group is to have everyone use an advanced archetype from the source books.

Seems there is some interest, I had given up hope.

We got GM offers and some interest, would love to play something a little darker.

So who wants to start up something?

Would gladly take part if there is a game. I would think Marines is a good option

I think I'll get a thread up later today. Mixed group would be allowed, and Human characters would be able to freely travel about the hive, at least until the mutations rack up. 100 Infamy Points for Daemonhood, 140 Infamy Points for a Black Crusade.

Will you be using the advanced archetypes?

Which book?

I'm interested! Not so much with CSM's, I'd rather play a heretic (Advanced Archetypes are ok too!)

GM's consent I can use this character (and add the xp if we're using adv arch's) or roll up something rather similar to it (me likey psykers!)

OK, advanced archetypes are in, but if someone chooses one, they do not any starting xp, and all non-advanced marines get 3,600 xp and all non-advanced humans get 4,600 xp, in addition to their starting xp.

Thread up. Look here!

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