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We have combat, magic, NPcs and monster of the Inner sea, and soon we will have Races and monster codex of the inner sea. I wonder If there is hope to have someday those kind of book but for the Dragon Empires. How many people would want that?


I'm keen


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I certainly would, yes. I do not know whether there have been any hints about where things are going after Hell's Rebels, but it would be nice to have some more material outside of Avistan and Garund.

Personally, I would love Combat of the Dragon Empire, multiple archetypes for ninjas and samurais plus sword/weapon style feats.

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Though my pocketbook (and shelving) groan, I'm all for more Tian Xia content!


I'm in!

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Ah yes. The Dragon Empires. I know them well. The lands I grew up in. The language I, natively, speak.

My First Steps in the Society (10-Aug-13) were completed mere moments before Amara Li formally closed the doors of Absalom's Lantern Lodge. Otherwise, I may have served her with distinction; instead, I find myself allied with Ollysta Zadrain, instead (since Season 5; 18-Aug-13).

And, now many of my brethren have recently been recruited to the Pathfinders; those shapeshifting kitsune, the sibelent nagaji, those acquiring Tengu, and the dark and mysterious wayang.

To educate those gajin unfamiliar with my lands, my people, and my abilities... well, I would applaud.

With honor,
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I've been hoping they'd expand out of the area with Campaign Setting, Player Companion and [more] Adventure Paths before we reach the Butterflies of the Inner Sea stage, but it's not looking good, is it?

I'm 55 years old. I probably will not see Arcadia, Azlant, or Sarusan before I die. But is it too much to ask for some real information on southern Garund, Casmaron or Tian Xia?

On the one hand, Paizo is expanding left, right and sideways with the four major Pathfinder subscription lines (adventure path, roleplaying, companion and setting) now joined by a host of other product types.

On the other hand, in 102 AP volumes, only 4 have been outside the Inner Sea area (books 3-6 of Jade Regent.) I'd be happy if, going forward, the Inner Sea region gradually took up less and less of the annual product output for the AP and setting lines, eventually bottoming out at 50%. So years from now, you'd have "X" number of Inner Sea releases per year balanced by the same number of similar products from...anywhere else. That would mean one "foreign" AP per year.

I guess Paizo has a general notion to detail areas outside the Inner Sea region at some unspecified date in the indeterminate future. Not good enough. Get on it, please!

EDIT: How many of these "...of Golarion" products are de facto "...of the Inner Sea" products because of the scope of their content?

Bastards, Cities, Dungeons, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, Kobolds, Lost Cities, Orcs, Tombs of...

I'd buy more D.E. stuff.

A dragon empires gods would be great, that part of the setting is very undeveloped.

Count me in as well. I would adore more information on Xa Hoi.

Bring on the Dragon Empires World Guide please. :)

Having recently enjoyed a lot castles of the inner sea (which actually s castle of avistan), I would really like like a castle of the dragon empires.

Seems like a good place to finally have some ninja and samurai archetypes as well as replacement archetypes for the unchained monk.

Yes more stuff on the Dragon Empire.


God, what I wouldn't give to write Kitsune of Golarion / the Dragon Empires ....

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