Help with scaling Daughters of Fury


I have a question...I just bought Daughters of Fury to try and run for my group.

The group currently runs with 5 characters (cleric, rogue, fighter, ranger, and druid) and 2 NPCs (wizard and paladin). The NPCs are crucial to the overall story arc so I can't lose them.

So I was wondering what the easiest way to scale the adventure would be?

Dark Archive

Don't let the NPCs fight. Threat the Paladin like a secret service person, and the Wizard as the President of the U.S. as soon as any threat of violence erupts, the paladin hustles the wizard as far from danger as possible where they remain until the fight ends.

Any other suggestions out there?

No one?

::the chirps of crickets can be heard throughout the land::

Silver Crusade

I concur wholeheartedly with ELS.

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