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Please visit for more info.

Beyond the Grave has risen from the quiet streets of Callambea. We are now recruiting all players interested in crafting, gathering, refining and PvE. Our Goal is to create a thriving trade community where everyone can buy and sell goods.

Callambea is silent no more. Callambea is Open for Business and business is good!

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Callambea is a crafting settlement focused on promoting open trade throughout the river kingdoms. Our two leading companies, Beyond the Grave and the River Kingdoms Trading Company, have made Callambea the number one place to buy and sell goods. Traders have come from as far south as Riverbank in hopes of earning more coin.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest Company, Brimestone! to Callambea.

Callambea is proud to introduce its new Visitors Centre. The best place to stay informed of news regarding Callambea and to get in contact with its citizens. We also showcase AH requests and offer gathering services here.

It is also a great resource for tools and guides. Many members enjoy advanced previews and can work behind the scenes to make these utilities a must for any PFO character.

Link to Crafting Planner

Link to Freeholders Field Guide Preview

Callambea is Open for Business!

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Welcome Brimstone! :)

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We have a new section under Player Groups on Goblinworks main Forums.

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